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Andy Voss @phoenix

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About Me:

I'm not really a "gamer", per se; I'm more of a "demo-scener". I'm here mostly to help out my good friend Trixter, who was a group mate in the mid-90s in the demo archive group Hornet. Like Jim, I'm a bit old-fashioned in game tastes. My favorite genres are pinball, RPG, and flight/racing simulations.

Email should display above now, use it for info/buy/trade queries on my have list. I may also seek out buyers for games I'm eager to unload - MobyGames contributors in the U.S. preferred!

BTW, check out my pinball high scores at for:

  • Balls of Steel (Arcade/3 balls)
  • Extreme Pinball (5 balls)
  • Epic Pinball
  • Silverball
  • Adventure Pinball (2 balls)