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I currently own a NES (European Version), an Amiga 500, two desktop PC's and a laptop. In addition I have a Dell Latitude D620 at my disposal and use a highly optimized Virtual PC 2004 MS-DOS 6.2 image to play many older games which do not run under Windows XP.

My favourite games include many classic games as well as some modern games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator series and Train Simulator, Operation Flashpoint, Silent Hunter II, Harpoon Classic, Civilization for Windows, DUST and Titanic - The Adventure Out of Time on PC; Birds of Prey, Ports of Call and Red Storm Rising on Amiga and Faxanadu, The Adventure of Link and Shadowgate on NES.

NOTICE! If you want to buy one of the games I am willing to sell, please pay attention to the fact that I live in Finland. I can send games via mail, but the postages will be pretty high for anything larger than a CD jewel case. My NES games are in PAL format and usually include a Scandinavian manual with Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian texts. The games itself are English versions unless otherwise noted.