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I am interested in the arts, film, music and technology. I am a part time music producer and writer/composer. In my spare time I weight train and do many aerobic excersises, my spelling is not up to scratch though... I also have been involved with computers and gaming since 1990. I am a big fan of classic retro games such as Sonic the hedgehog and Metal Slug and also new games such as Resident Evil 4. I have a large collection of SEGA Genesis related games aswell as ps1, ps2 and nintendo. I currently own 7 consoles, most of which are the most popular/well known ones.

As an update to this, I am now back as a HARDCORE gamer!! hurrah! Now upping my collection of games to over 300,000 games. I have a massive variety of consoles now ranging from atari 7800 to the gp32 ot the pc to the megadrive to the ps2 and gamecube. I have a HUGE collection of games now, which i am very proud of. Every single megadrive game in existence!! beat THAT!