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Conquest of Japan (DOS)

Conquest of Japan is an unusual little strategy game with some real appeal.

The Good
The game had good atmosphere, but the best part of the game was an unique strategic style required to win. Your best chance to succeed is through evasion, and sly positioning of armies on the main map. The enemies mobile units will disappear for lack of moral if you capture their supporting city. This makes for an interesting tactic of defense, coupled with end-run movements that is very challenging.

The Bad
The tactical battles when armies meet are, despite formation choices, and unit orders, pretty much affairs of size-vs-size. The larger army will generally win, regardless of how well the smaller army is tactically played.

The Bottom Line
A fun beer-and-pretzels strategy game of early feudal Japan, a period not really done much in early strategy games. Not too complex, and not too hard, but worth a few hours now and then.

By DaWade on January 16, 2004