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Robert Morgan @Tempest X3

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Life-time gamer, a little over a quarter of a century old. My mom used to prop me up on her knee to play old black and white video and electromechanical coin-ops. Took computer classes in 1977 at age 3, on CP/M S-100 machines. Grew up using the Atari 8-bit line and Commodore 64/128 line as my computing platforms of choice. Had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world of PCs, which I still refuse to take seriously as a gaming platform. :) I've got 45+ video game systems, 30+ unique computer platforms (including- hey! a CP/M S-100 machine!), 3 coin-op videos, 1 coin-op pin, boxes of handheld and tabletop games. I bet my mom's still kicking herself for introducing me to video games and computers.

I miss terribly the days of unadorned Infocom-style interactive fiction... I've never gotten into FPS games, or sports games, or... well... basically anything that's popular now. Well, Crazy Taxi rocks.

Finally- I'm a regular on; not much in the way of PC games there, but it's a fun place to hang around if you still play the games of your youth... (if the games of your youth are post-1985, you might get mildly flamed, but screw 'em.)

(PS- I've been deluged with request lately for copies of games I've entered into the database. I apologize, but I don't feel comfortable copying games for people, and can't honor any requests to do so. The games are also not for sale. Thanks for understanding.)