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Les Nessman

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I started playing computer games on a friend's Commodore 64. Later, I borrowed a PC Jr. from the same friend. My own first computer was an XT clone running at the blazing speed of 15 mhz ( fast for the 80s ) with no hard drive and sporting a Hercules monochrome graphics card. Although faster, it was a definite step down from the 64. I've played and enjoyed games in many genres. Some of my favourites - Raid on Bungeling Bay, Ultima III, Their Finest Hour, The Curse of Monkey Island, Interstate 76, Man of War II, Fighter Duel, Pirates!, Rails Across America and Muzzle Velocity. I don't play games all that often anymore. However, when I play I usually stick to one title for many weeks or even months until I've played it out.