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My addiction started when I saw my mother and brother playing Dragon Warrior for NES. They were both really into it. But this one night, they were up real late and I heard from my room. I was supposed to be asleep, but I went in the room and was allowed to watch as they finished the game. The next day while everyone was at work/school, I skipped past Big Bird's Hide and Speak and Fisher Price Perfect Fit and went straight to the Dragon Warrior. Immediately I had no clue what I was doing... I couldn't read! But that didn't stop me! I somehow figured out how to OPEN the chests and USE the key as well as USE the stairs just to get out of the main chamber! Many deaths on the electric floor right inside and as well as many from the 'dangerous' Slime outside. Not being able to understand and fully play the game did not stop me from seeking out and enjoying many RPGs in the future. RPGs and MMORPGs are my main genres. But after a similar event with Biohazard at a friends house with the import before US release, I became addicted to the Survival Horror genre.
Now I like to collect anything video games (retro). Been collecting video games since I had my own money to spend on them. Had a Blockbuster behind my house I would visit on the regular whether I was there to look or actually rent/buy something. My collecting started when they would sell all their old system's games for cheap! I would also log all my purchases, completed games, sells, or anything I could log about me and my addiction. MobyGames was a great find. I began to convert my hard copy of lists to the website and always update the site off my physical book. When this site was sold and site had changed everything I used this site for mainly I was very upset, and almost lost. I searched for some other sites... there was others, but none that compared to the list making and notes this site offered. I am very happy to see the MobyGames I know and love back. Thank you.