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Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness (Windows 3.x)

By PsOmA on December 9, 1999

Digger (PC Booter)

By PsOmA on December 9, 1999

Wing Commander (DOS)

No other game mixes the nail biting action of Wing Commander with the awesome, yet underrated storyline. An all time classic!

The Good
The storyline was great. The graphics, at the time were spellbinding, and the first of their kind. The music brought inspiration and fit the scenario perfectly. The flying interface was simple for non-sim guys like me, yet detailed enough to keep everyone happy. The sense of achievement was also great. You begin to feel like you actually are out there in space. You develop a hate for the Kilrathi, and a build up a duty of service, how great is that!?!

The Bad
Doesnt work at the right speed on 486s and Pentiums. Secret Missions too hard.

The Bottom Line
Take a bit of flight simulator, add a dash of Space Quest, a pinch personality and charm, and your just beginning to scratch the surface of Wing Commander.

By PsOmA on December 9, 1999

Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero (DOS)

By PsOmA on December 9, 1999

Rockstar! (DOS)

By PsOmA on December 9, 1999