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About Me:

I first started playing video games on an old PC XT: Digger, Paratroopers, Lazy Larry. I had a Gameboy with a 68-in-1 cartridge with games like Mario Land, Ninja Gaiden, Tetris. And later I bought a SNES (with multitap!) and played a lot of Bomberman and Micromachines and Mario World, and eventually a Playstation mainly for playing Point Blank with a guncontroller. Then I stopped with games for a while. Now I'm mostly interested in retro-games and casual games like Bejeweled, Luxor, Trackmania, Chocolate Castle, Boom Blox etc.

For many people music holds a lot of memories, like a sound track of your life, for me that's also games. From the yellow/brown Digger when I was a kid and many hours of Rampart and Bomberman with friends, to Duke nukem and Serious Sam matches at college and at work.

On Mobygames, I've mainly added new entries for games that I used to play a lot but hadn't been added yet, for example Fleet Sweep, Pitman, Muppet Monster Adventure. I also added some rare unique games that I think are worth mentioning, like Ski Stunt Simulator and Color Clash, and I've added screenshots to existing games.