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Brad is the Chief Product Officer for 212 Studios in Austin, Texas. 212 is a technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the way organizations obtain and use their business intelligence in order to increase profitability and optimize the eCommerce selling process. He also serves on the Board of Directors for three exciting new companies, Community TechKnowledge (CTK), FrogTrader, and CheckVantage.

Brad is the author of Lucky That Way - Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games that Millions Play, a book about his years in the computer games industry.

Brad is also a world-class speaker (effective leadership, project management, creativity, eCommerce and the Internet, and stories from the beginning of the computer entertainment industry). Groundbreaking Productions coordinates his numerous speaking engagements (currently, because of his responsibilities, it is rare for Brad to accept speaking engagements outside of Texas). As an adjunct professor at Saint Edwards University in Austin, he was recently named the outstanding adjunct professor in the College of Professional and Graduate Studies.

From 1983 to 1986 Brad was Director of Entertainment Software for Activision, producing eighteen original programs, including Shanghai, one of the most successful computer games in history, selling over ten million units world-wide.

Brad's creative style of management and his phenomenal record of completing projects on time and on budget came to the attention of Tom Peters. This led to Brad being the focus of one of Tom's newsletters and inclusion in his book Liberation Management.

Brad co-founded Publishing International (PI) in November of 1986. It was Brad Fregger who invented computer card solitaire, Solitaire Royale. It was this product that was the inspiration for Windows' Solitaire. Card solitaire is the most played computer game in the world. In addition, the company's creativity product, Hometown, U.S.A., won the Software Publishers Association's Excellence in Software Award (the industry's Academy Award) as the Best Creativity Product for 1988.

Brad was also the publisher of Parrot Audio Books where he developed twelve audio books, including Burt Reynolds' and John Denver's autobiographies and the 25th anniversary editions of The Exorcist and Flowers for Algernon.

In 1980, Brad began the corporate training function and was Director of Training for Atari, Inc. during the time that annual revenues went from 350 million to two billion. Brad also began the Training Department for Mervyn's during its years of greatest growth. He was also manager of video production for Mervyn's, producing over fifty video tapes with subjects covering training, point of sale, and corporate communications.

Brad holds a Master's Degree in Futuristics. His speech, "Earthward Implications of Cosmic Migration," was given at the American Astronautical Society's proceedings in honor of the tenth anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the moon.

Brad and his wife, Barbara Foley, who manages Groundbreaking Productions, live in Austin, Texas with his cat, Pepsi.