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Deadlock II: Shrine Wars (Windows)

Still a top game like the original.

The Good
This game is as fantastic as or even better than the original in some ways. Several Interface Issues were fixed, now you don't have to drag colonists one by one, it asks you how many you wish to transfer. The Interface now looks finished and professional and there is no Unit Limits per Territory! The new technologies are fantastic, finally the seas can be used for something, with the addition of sea platforms. Pacts and Treaties are a very nice addition to gameplay, which also gives another disadvantage to the Cyth who are now hard-pressed to find friends. Wastelands as a Tile type and a new territory add a new layer to gameplay.

The Bad
Where is a Macintosh Version? I originally played Deadlock: Planetary Conquest on the Macintosh and that is what partially caused me to enjoy it. Some voices of the Advisors were changed, the Human Advisor no longer sounds professional as in the original, but now sounds like Michael Jackson and for me ruins the experience of playing the humans. One Technology and One Building was removed the Technology being "Artificial Intelligence" and the building that can be built once it's research the "Robotic Factory"! Now there are only 3 Factories the Factory, Automated Factory (Robotic Factory was here) and the Replication Station. On top of that what about new races, do we just work with the fab 7? And once more, Atari, give us a Mac version even though it is over Eight years old!

The Bottom Line
If you are a Windows user and loved the original, keeping my complaints in mind or a Sci-Fi game lover, this game is for you. But if you are a Mac User and a fan of the original, buy it, but only if you have an Intel Mac with Windows installed or another Windows Computer, Virtual PC is not good with emulating games.

By Copland-II on July 31, 2006

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