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I work in a library - I love my job - and I'm a book person above all; if I couldn't read I would go nuts. I also love computers and PC games, though I came to them relatively late. My first game was Doom 2 - I don't consider it a great game, but it's definitely a classic in the genre. I had loads of fun with it, and I still return to it now and again although my preferred genre is RPG. I'm starting to develop a taste for indie games, as well. I read more than I play games, however: anything from fiction to picture books to SF to fantasy to non-fiction - my spaces page usually shows what I'm currently reading (and playing) if anyone's interested enough to go look.

11/2010 - Live Spaces closing, my new "Homepage" is at Blogspot: BookEnds

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Being in a library on a daily basis gives me easy access to lots of children's games (I have to check them out and get them back on time just like anybody else, though - don't get me wrong.) which is an under-explored game "genre" here at Moby, though there is at least one other person actively working on that and several who submit kid's games sometimes...So, that's pretty much what I contribute.

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