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Ever since I was very young, I was enthusiastic with video gaming. Some of my first video games were plug and plays and V.Smile games. I may seem a little younger than some, but I now have a deep interest in the retro classics, whether more popular like "Pac-Man" or more humble like "ToeJam & Earl."

Some genres I enjoy in particular include puzzle (like "Tetris" and the "Adventures of Lolo" series), action (like "Super Mario Bros." and "Parappa the Rapper"), adventure (like the "Hamtaro" Game Boy family series and "Sam & Max Hit the Road"), and educational (particularly the older liscenced games; children learn more with direct interaction than by viewing the television, and I have a curiosity related to how children back then learned with gaming).

It may be slightly difficult to tell, but in the avatar photo, the joyous-looking character resembling Diskun is wearing a doctoral tam and glasses. This icon can represent knowledge in video game history.