Project Two Interactive BV


Within six months after Project 2 Interactive closed its doors, two of its former managers (Robert Ercevic and Erik Schreuder) formed their new company: Project 3 Interactive, which began operations in September 2000.


Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas Chronicles(2000)
Apollo 18: The Moon Missions(1999)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files(1999)
Ark of Time(1998)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2(1998)
Reah: Face the Unknown(1998)
Tunguska: Legend of Faith(1998)
Liath: WorldSpiral(1998)
Mad Trax(1998)
Dodgem Arena(1998)
ACM 1918(1997)
Sign of the Sun(1997)


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