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Jazz Jackrabbit 2

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Jazz the jackrabbit was just about to marry his girlfriend Eva Earlong, when his arch-nemesis, the turtle Devan Shell, stole the wedding ring. To add insult to injury, Eva's hostile mother has locked Jazz and his brother Spaz in a dungeon. The two hares must escape, retrieve the precious jewel, and punish Devan for his evil deeds.

Like its predecessor, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a platform shooter. Unlike the previous installment, the sequel allows the player to control Spaz as well. Jazz retains his ability to hover in the air by using his ears, and Spaz can stomp and smash enemies. The hares use a default blaster gun with unlimited ammunition and can later acquire more powerful weapons, a few of which (e.g. a freezing gun) were not found in the first game. Coins can be found throughout the stages and then given to vendors to access bonus areas.

The party mode allows up to four players to use the same computer with split-screen, or up to eight players to compete on two screens via modem. The level editor JCS (Jazz Creation Station) is also included in the game.

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Lead Programming
Graphics / Artwork
Level / Scenario Design
Additional Level / Scenario Design
Additional Music
Sound Engine Programming
Cinematic Animation
Public Relations Manager
Marketing Manager
PR Manager
Sales Manager
Server Meister
International Sales Director
Project Manager
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Automatic hardware detection

The game detects your computer power and shows the intro in low or high res... You can't change this manually!

Cancelled sequel

A sequel to this game, entitled Jazz Jackrabbit 3D was to be released sometime in 2000. However, since Epic was unable to find a publisher, the project was cancelled.

Extra Games

The full UK CD version of this game installs as version 1.21. Also on the CD is a folder called 'Shareware' which contains shareware versions of the following games: * Fire Fight by Chaos Works * Jazz Jackrabbit Episode 1 plus Xmas * Tyrian Shareware version 2.0 * Extreme Pinball : the Rock Fantasy table * 7th Legion

Lori Jackrabbit

In the ending cutscene of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, there is a bucktoothed female rabbit who Spaz Jackrabbit has a crush on. She is actually Lori Jackrabbit in prototype form. Lori was initially supposed to be Spaz's love interest as well as Eva Earlong's distant cousin, but Project 2 Interactive accidentally described her as the lost sister of him and Jazz. Additionally, Lori's creator, Dean Dodrill, wanted her to be a playable character. Hence, for The Secret Files, Lori was changed into the Jackrabbit sister and was made playable.


The Dopefish (from id Software's Commander Keen series) is mentioned on a signpost in the stage "A Diamondus Forever". The sign reads "Spaz ate the Dopefish".


Spaz, Jazz's younger brother in the game, was actually the result of a joke. During JJ2's development it was full of bugs, and one day artist Nick Stadler was so frustrated by the game that he sketched a parody of Jazz on paper, underlined with the words "SPAZ SLACKRABBIT." The drawing was so amusing to the JJ2 development team that Spaz was eventually added to the game as a full-blown character.

Additional information contributed by B14ck W01f, Fangusu, Maw, piltdown man and Satoshi Kunsai

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  • MobyGames ID: 1348


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