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Jagged Alliance series

Group Description

Jagged Alliance is a tactical strategy based game originally developed by Madlab Software. The game focuses on the player acquiring mercenaries to finish missions, heavily focused on combat.

Though varied in later releases, gameplay of Jagged Alliance games usually consist of the following characteristics:
  • Manually acquiring mercenaries, initially from the Association of International Mercenaries (AIM) website. In Jagged Alliance 2 and later versions, additional mercenaries may be acquired from other events. Earlier versions also allowed the creation of a personal mercenary, however this feature has been disabled since Jagged Alliance: Back In Action.

  • Initially turn-based combat using a third person or isometric perspective during combat. Each mercenary having a specified amount of action points which they may use to perform actions. As of Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, the turn-based combat has been changed into real-time combat.

  • Character skill development of mercenaries: performing repeated tasks may increase their skills or attributes. As of Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, character development has been changed to skill distribution.

  • Funds management, to acquire and maintain mercenaries, which may include salaries, equipment, and other expenses.

Selected Covers

Jagged Alliance DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Jagged Alliance

Selected Screenshots

Sir-Tech company logo
Screenshot from Jagged Alliance