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Arcadia is a space shoot 'em up along the lines of Galaxians and Space Invaders. You have a ship at the bottom of the screen. Enemy ships come at you in waves scrolling across the screen from right to left. There are eight levels. When the last level has been completed the game cycles to level one again and continues with no increase in difficulty. You get an extra life if you clear 4 waves. They keep on coming and the object is to get a high score.

Interesting key mapping on this game: the bottom row of keys moves left & right, but they are mapped alternately so Z, C, B, M and SPACE move you right while CAP SHIFT, X, V, N, and SYMBOL SHIFT move you left. The middle row of keys (A, S, D, etc) power the thrusters while the top row (Q, W, E, etc) fire the dual lasers.


Arcadia ZX Spectrum Level 9 - Cyber Octopus attacking from rearguard.
Arcadia ZX Spectrum You can't get into the game without seeing the credits, hit a key and be prepared for action
Arcadia ZX Spectrum Level 12 - The disjointed explosion. Notice that the explosion itself is also harmful. Very important.
Arcadia VIC-20 I've been destroyed! These opponents attacked from below...

Alternate Titles

  • "Arcadia 64" -- Commodore 64 title

User Reviews

Fast and furious ZX Spectrum piltdown_man (96231)

Critic Reviews

Retro Gamer ZX Spectrum Feb, 2006 85 out of 100 85
Retro Gamer VIC-20 Feb, 2006 85 out of 100 85
Computer and Video Games (CVG) Commodore 64 Jan, 1984 5 out of 10 50


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  • Computer & Video Games Golden Joystick Awards
    • 1983 - #4 in the Game of the Year category
    • 1983 - #3 in the Best Arcade Style Game category

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