Falcon 3.0: Operation: Fighting Tiger Credits


Original ConceptGilman Louie
Software EngineersGary Stottlemyer, Daniel Deremiah, Michael Mancuso, Kuswara Pranawahadi
3‑D World EngineersAnthony Chiang, Peter Ward, Lawrence Kevin, Eric Grotke
Product ManagerDaron Stinnett
Associate Product ManagerStephen Blankenship
Art DirectorChuck Austen
ArtistsChuck Butler, Louis Sremac, Kathy Thornton, Matt Carlström
Testing Department ManagerKurt Boutin
TestersEvan Birkby, Russel Reiss, Peter Winch, Sergio Vuskovic, Jeffrey Love, David Wessman
Sound and MusicPaul Mogg
Manual WritingJoe Ward
Manual EditingMarisa Ong
Manual Design and LayoutCarrie Galbraith
Technical IllustrationsCarrie Galbraith, Chuck Butler
Manual Cover ArtRick Herter
Photos Courtesy ofDepartment of Defense, General Dynamics, Gilman Louie
Executive Director of R&DAkila Redmer
Special Thanks toHarvey Lee, Ann McCue, Guymond Louie, Barbara Gleason, Belinda Saunders, Michael Nelson, Rosann Goodrow, Tom Byron, Andrew Edlen, Anne Kenney, Dennis Lopez, Karl Maurer, Me'lissa Stallworth, Randy Angle, Bob Flickinger, Delta Lithograph, George Lithograph, Thrustmaster, Beta testers on Compuserve and GEnie

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daron Stinnett (27)