Fields of Glory Credits (DOS)

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Fields of Glory Credits


Game DesignJim Bambra, Adrian Earle
ResearchJim Bambra, Adrian Earle, Peter Hofschröer
ProgrammingSteven W. Green, Mark Lyhane, Andrew Walrond
GraphicsAllan Holloway, Edward Garnier, Martin Calvert
SoundAndrew Parton
MusicJohn Broomhall
Project ManagementJon Oldham
Quality AssurancePeter Woods, Andrew Luckett, Nick Stokes, Richard Bakewell, Philip McDonnell
PublishingPaul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland
Manual WriterAlkis Alkiviades
Text EditorAlkis Alkiviades
Manual DesignJoanna Smith, Finley Weatherford, Joseph Morel
Packaging DesignJulie Burness, John Emory
Illustrations byIsabelle Bishop
Map byBlue Chip
TypesettingSarah Kerr
Text extracts and illustrations from 'Waterloo 1815' byGeoffrey Wootten, By kind permission of Osprey Publishing Ltd.

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