Steven W. Green

aka: Steven Morle-Green, Steven Green
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My first use of computers was an Altair MIT 6800 based computer that my biology teacher had built... you had to program it by typing code onto punched tape, or by manually flipping switches on the main box... then around 1980 me and my brother built an Acorn Atom (a 6502 based kit computer) and wrote some video games for it which we sold through advertisements in magazines.

While at Birmingham university studying Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, I wrote several games for Oric Atmos, Jupiter Ace and Sinclair Spectrum, some of which were commercially published... I left after 2 years and became a freelance games developer. I did some Commodore 64 projects and the Oric Atmos version of Manic Miner. I also developed a music and sound system for Commodore 64 and set up a business with a musical friend called "Neolithic Sounds" to produce music for games.

In 1985 I joined Oxford Digital Enterprises, to write "Raise the Titanic" (Activision) for Commodore 64. I stayed there to develop Trivial Pursuit for Domark (C64, Atari 8 bit, Atari ST, PC). The PC version being my introduction to PCs. Other games developed at ODE included Hunt For Red October (Argus Press), Sleeping Gods Lie (Empire), Team Yankee, Pacific Islands and War in the Gulf (Empire), as well as being involved in most other projects that was developed at ODE. Also wrote Commodore 64 version of Aliens for Electronic Dreams.

I left ODE when Empire took them over (1990?) and formed a company called "Mystery Machine" with Kevin Ayre (an artist). We developed a neat 3D character based adventure system, but unfortunately never got a publisher to fund us.

We folded Mystery Machine and joined Microprose UK in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, where I became lead programmer on Fields of Glory (A PC Napoleonic War game) and Kevin became artist on Legacy. When Microprose got taken over by Spectrum Holobyte, I left to set up another business called Dagger Interactive Technologies and developed Civil War... then after that developed "Wargamer: Napoleon 1813" before quitting the games industry at the start of 2000 to develop internet technologies.

Somewhere with the Civil War and Wargamer projects I got married to Emma Morle and divorced in 1999. Moved to Florida for a couple of years in 1995. Also played bass guitar in a London band called Myriad.

This is probably more than anybody wants to know... so I will stop now.

Credited on 12 games

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Napoleon 1813 (1999, Windows) Lead Programmer
The Civil War (1995, DOS) Programming Team
War in the Gulf (1993, DOS) Created by
Fields of Glory (1993, DOS) Programming
Pacific Islands (1992, Amiga) Created by
The Amazing Spider-Man (1990, Atari ST) Atari ST
Team Yankee (1990, Amiga) Amiga Implementation
Sleeping Gods Lie (1989, DOS) Original Concept
The Hunt for Red October (1988, Atari ST) Atari ST by
Yes Prime Minister: The Computer Game (1988, DOS) PC Version
Trivial Pursuit (1988, Atari ST) Programming
Titanic: The Recovery Mission (1986, Commodore 64) Programming

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