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PlayStation 2

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Gruesomely violent stealth action outing, which is undeniably masterfully crafted and executed. Windows Nick Drew (370)
Excellent if you can stomach the content Windows M C (7)
You should have killed me when you have the opportunity. Xbox Tiroloco (24)
Perhaps My Least Favorite Game Ever. Sucks Eggs. Windows null-geodesic (234)
Why? PlayStation 2 GNJMSTR (149)
blood, gore, and lots of fun PlayStation 2 AaronGamer (42)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 2 31 3.8
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows 32 3.5
Xbox 13 3.0
Combined User Score 76 3.6

Critic Reviews

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XboxGame Informer Magazine
The content may be controversial, but believe me when I say that this is one hell of a play that you do not want to miss.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
Unrelentingly evil and entirely disturbing, Manhunt pushes the envelope of acceptability and begs the question: "Have video games gone too far?" Inspired by the Nicolas Cage film 8MM and created by the same studio that brought us Grand Theft Auto, this shocking new title gives the world a first-rate, hands-on look at snuff film fetish and savagely violent manslaughter.
XboxGame Informer Magazine
Manhunt is grim, nihilistic, sickeningly violent, and far past any idea of "decency" that might still be left in video games. It also happens to be one of the bravest works of game creation I’ve ever played.
Manhunt kann man eigentlich mit wenigen Worten beschreiben. Es ist spannend, atmosphärisch, bizarr und brutal. Grafik und Sound können vollkommen überzeugen und auch das Gameplay ist für das Spiel äußerst interessant und recht komplex ausgefallen. Die Gewaltdarstellen hat in Manhunt zwar eine hervorstehende Rolle eingenommen, aber ist nicht ausschlaggebend für eine durchaus positive Bewertung des Games. Die Story ist einfallsreich und kann mit vielen Überraschungen überzeugen. Wer also einen Hang zum Außergewöhnlichen hat und auf ein mitreißendes Spielerlebnis steht, der sollte sich durchaus einen Kauf überlegen. Natürlich sind starke Nerven von Vorteil, denn ansonsten wird man dieses Spiel nicht lange durchhalten.
PlayStation 2Netjak
With the overwhelming success of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games proved that there is a large market for adult-targeted video games. Their latest title, Manhunt, pushes the envelope even further and delivers one of the most disturbing and violent video games to date. More importantly, though, once the shock value wears off, players are left with an excellent game that can stand on its own merits.
WindowsGame Chronicles
Manhunt is a demented game that is going to appeal to a very limited audience, but if you are in that select few then you are going to love it. If you enjoy slow, strategic, stealth gameplay, if you've hacked your way through the most violent games available and still want more blood and sick, twisted, violence then look no further. You won’t find a more stylish or disturbing game than this.
Парням из Rockstar удалось создать не бессмысленное “мясо”, а увлекательную игру с крепким геймплеем, закрученным сюжетом и невероятной атмосферой чистого безумия. Малым детям и людям с неустойчивой психикой играть в Manhunt строго не рекомендуется.
WindowsWorth Playing
It looks like Rockstar has another hit on its hands. They revolutionized driving gameplay with GTA: Vice City, and are well on their way to revolutionizing the adult shooter with Manhunt. Add to that the upcoming release of their new Wild West shooter, Red Dead Revolver, not to mention GTA: San Andreas, and I think we’ll be seeing that Rockstar logo on a lot of splash screens for a long time to come.
WindowsGameguru Mania
Overall, Manhunt isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. As usually, some gamers will love it and others will hate it. But if you're a fan of stealth games and looking for something slightly different then Manhunt could be good choice for you!
PlayStation 2IGN
While stock analysts and the game industry's corporate bigwigs are puzzling over the next big thing from Rockstar (namely the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto), Rockstar North (formerly DMA) has once again created a different game, one they've been thinking about and building for the last three years. One based on fetishes.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The
Manhunt deserves all the notoriety it receives. The game is quite simply brutal. However, something that it doesn’t receive a lot of credit for is actually how much fun the game really is to play. Normally, most gamers aren’t averse to a little violence. A little pixilated blood never really hurt anyone, especially if it was within the context of an end that could be considered just. Manhunt pushes the moral boundaries of what could be considered acceptable as entertainment, but backs up the controversy with solid gameplay mechanics.
PlayStation 2GameSpot
The developer of Grand Theft Auto delivers its darkest, most violent game yet in Manhunt, an original third-person perspective stealth action game that puts you in the role of a death row inmate forced to run a deadly gauntlet at the whim of a sadistic cinematographer. The game unflinchingly depicts intense graphic violence, the likes of which you might expect from a slasher movie but not from your PlayStation 2. However, these grisly scenes are done up in style, as Manhunt has a real cinematic flair to it--not to mention a suffocating atmosphere that perfectly fits the theme.
Manhunt is an audacious game that backs up its extremely violent subject matter with solid stealth action gameplay. Subsequent games in this vein could stand to learn a thing or two from how Manhunt successfully provides all the tension and grim satisfaction that this style of gaming can offer but does so without so much of the sluggish pacing and trial-and-error tedium that hurts other games of this type. On the other hand, the shooting sequences do feel a little stripped-down and are rather overbearing, but the incredibly visceral action, coupled with the game's impressive graphics and sound, makes even these sequences relatively good. Obviously, Manhunt isn't for the faint of heart. Like it or not, the game pushes the envelope of video game violence and shows you countless scenes of wholly uncensored, heavily stylized carnage.
In the end, Manhunt is a highly polished strategy game of hide-and-seek, kill-or-be-killed gameplay. It's narrow in focus, but deep in its specialty. There is not much of a story nor are the levels terribly varied, but without a doubt, Manhunt is (with the exception of the likes of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty) nearly unsurpassed in its unique brand of stealth and tactical combat. If you're up for a serious challenge and have a tough stomach, go get it. But don't make the mistake that this is an all-out run-and-gun action game. That would be a $50 mistake.
PlayStation 2GameZone
The majority of us enjoy different forms of entertainment, whether it be video games, movies, sports, and so on. Some of us enjoy a more action based format, while others really crave puzzle solving, mysteries, or a wide variety of other things. Many times, movies and games can be used to mess with our heads or make us feel uncomfortable, with big screen films like Seven or gaming titles like GTA III being used as escape opportunities that delve into the dark side of human nature rather than seeing or playing the “good guy” all the time. Well, Rockstar has been famous for making gaming titles that tend to revolve around just about anything and everything illegal, and their new title for the PS2 called Manhunt is no exception. What happens when a disturbing shock plot like the movie 8mm meets a game like Metal Gear Solid head on? Read on to find out …
Many years ago, then actor Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in a movie that practically predicted the birth of reality television . . . it also brought up a point about a society that was obsessed with violence at its most real and brutal. There are those that can’t help but be fascinated by real death that they pay good money for snuff films. Imagine that you are the star of a twisted Running Man game while a demented man watches with sick fascination as you kill your way to freedom.
While stock analysts and the game industry's corporate bigwigs are puzzling over the next big thing from Rockstar (namely the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto), Rockstar North (formerly DMA) has once again created a different game, one they've been thinking about and building for the last three years. One based on fetishes.
Manhunt is an audacious game that backs up its extremely violent subject matter with solid stealth action gameplay. The developer of Grand Theft Auto delivers its darkest, most violent game yet in Manhunt, a third-person perspective stealth action game that puts you in the role of a death row inmate forced to run a deadly gauntlet at the whim of a sadistic cinematographer. Released a few months ago for the PlayStation 2, Manhunt is now available for the Xbox and PC, and while these new versions feature exactly the same content as the PS2 original, they deliver relatively superior graphical quality--and in the case of the PC version, improved controls.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux
Rockstar is er immers in geslaagd om een verslavende en spannende game te maken, die gruwelijk is zonder dat de ledematen je om de oren vliegen. Het gruwelijke zit hem in de tragische spanning, in de details van een krakende nek en in de directheid waarmee je met geweld wordt geconfronteerd. Los daarvan draait het in Manhunt niet louter om het etaleren van geweld. Het verwijt dat Rockstar een game zou hebben gemaakt die alleen 'op extreem geweld probeert te verkopen' is uit de lucht gegrepen, door lieden die Manhunt te kort hebben gespeeld om voldoende van de gameplay mee te krijgen.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Manhunt is een gedurfd spel, dat zijn extreem gewelddadig karakter onderbouwt met een stevig solide spel. Het spel biedt spanning, visuele hoogstandjes en een geweldige soundtrack. Natuurlijk is Manhunt niet voor de al te gevoelige zielen onder ons, en als er 1 spel in staat zou zijn om het geweld-debat binnen videospelen nieuw leven in te blazen, dan is het dit wel.
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Even though the collective eye of the gaming world is focused squarely on the intense violence, Manhunt is more than just a gimmick. Sure, the brutal animations are great fun to watch, but the true satisfaction lies in getting to that point and finding a way to overcome even the largest obstacles. While drawing comparisons to Metal Gear Solid 2 might be a little excessive, stealth action fans that can handle the touchy subject matter should at least give Manhunt a chance, as it’s deeper than it would first appear.
PlayStation 2Edge
In any case, as a cultural artefact the title is much more interesting than the majority of videogames because the range of pop-cultural influences are so refreshingly different and diverse, from ‘The Warriors’ to ‘Running Man’ and ‘Escape from New York’ and beyond. As a game it’s fun, the memories that stick in the mind aren’t the visceral gore, but the set-pieces and heart-stopping moments – the moment when Edge, heart in mouth, spotted a Hunter emerge from his hiding place in the shadows where it had just walked, for example. Which is why, in spite of its inauspicious start, Edge would still back Manhunt to match Rockstar’s sales expectations. Like GTA, there’s more to this than shock and awe, and that’s why it will generate the word of mouth it needs to shift units.
PlayStation 2Digital Press - Classic Video Games
At first, this game will seem like a condensed version of Grand Theft Auto, but eventually you come to appreciate the game, its realism, its nice twisty plot, and its horror movie atmosphere all by itself. Unless you despise brutal, realistic violence and/or excessive language, Manhunt is worth a try.
Since the game has very little variety beyond the collection of weapons you find and the various factions you are asked to go through, it is tough to say that Manhunt has real staying power as a game. However, I doubt that anyone is truly playing the game for a complete cinematic entertainment experience. If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a slasher/serial killer without all that nasty jail time, this is the way to find out. Just come prepared with a strong stomach and a willingness to listen to verbal sewage.
Manhunt is a game that's equally well-suited to PC as well as PS2 and Xbox (it's completely absent on the poor GameCube). It's a difficult, challenging game that really takes advantage of the keyboard/mouse configuration offered by a PC, while retaining all of the console-style gameplay elements. Its mature themes are perfectly suited to sensible PC gamers, and in the end, Manhunt takes another step towards blending specific game genres and platforms together. Look past the gratuitous, fleshy outer casing and delve deep into the tight stealth/action gameplay provided. Manhunt delivers.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US)
Manhunt is a tough game to view objectively. On one hand, it's a challenging test of skill that's frequently frustrating and often rewarding. On the other, it's loaded with potent violent imagery as it depicts the world as a dark, evil, rotten place where almost no one gets out alive.
PlayStation 2GameSpy
Once you get over the initial shock value of the associate taboo subject matter of Manhunt -- e.g. snuff movies, murders, graphic obscenities, etc. -- what you're left with is a highly atmospheric game that'll keep you glued to your PS2. Certainly not intended for younger gamers, I believe Manhunt will undoubtedly be given merry hell by some members of society. However, if you can get over the sometimes repetitious nature of the game, Manhunt provides some of the most intense and subversive stealth gaming to date. Forget it if pure action is your bag, but fans of MGS-style thievery owe it to themselves to check this one out. Just keep a couple of puke bags handy if you're a little emotionally sensitive.
It's been nearly six months since I last played Manhunt. At the time, I remember feeling rather uneasy about the graphic content of the game -- y'know, the bit where you're the unwilling star of a series of snuff-slash-murder movies -- but I couldn't help myself. I loved the gameplay. The title was developed by Rockstar North, the same studio that developed the world-renowned Grand Theft Auto games. While Manhunt isn't quite up there with that series, it's a really great action/stealth game that's worthy of gruesome recognition.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Manhunt is een beklijvende ervarind maar is slechts voor een beperkte doelgroep geschikt. Gevoelige zielen zijn alvast gewaarschuwd!
It's really hard for me to accurately score this game, as I'm pretty sure people's feelings about it will vary greatly depending on their personal affinities; much more so than it is the case with other games. From a technical standpoint, this is a good game, and you can't really deny the fact that Manhunt, although extremely vulgar has a certain unique, creepy style to it that makes it simply stylish no matter what some might say. Then again, this is something Rock Star is well known for as they've practically made this their trademark in the GTA series. Even so, I can't neglect the repetitive nature of some of the scenery and characters and the fact that once the initial effect of overstated violence wears off, every so often, you'll feel bored with Manhunt. Again, this is just one reviewer's subjective opinion, but hell, it's why I write reviews in the first place - to tell you what I think about games.
PlayStation 2Game Freaks 365
Manhunt is extremely fun and addictive to play, but playing this game has to be a sin. Hacking people's heads off with a machete or cutting a guy's balls off with a sickle is some nasty stuff, but it sure is fun to do, at least for a sick and sinister person like myself. This should get even more attention than GTA, because of all of the brutality. This has a learning curve that is hard to master for some, but easy for stealth game fans. You will want to play this straight to the end once you start.
PlayStation 2Power Unlimited
Wel mist Manhunt de glans en diepgang om het niveau van mijlpalen als Metal Gear Solid en Splinter Cell te evenaren. Desondanks is dit voor iedereen die van verstoppertje houdt en nog ergens wat opgekropte woede heeft zitten (lees: niet vies is van de nodige moord en doodslag) een hele interessante titel.
Manhuntin käännös on onnistunut, mutta sujuvammat kontrollit eivät pelasta kokonaisuutta. Jännittävän aloituksen jälkeen peli toistaa samaa kuvioita kyllästymiseen asti.
PlayStation 2PlayFrance
Au final, on a un jeu dont le gameplay aurait mérité un peu plus de diversité, mais qui vous promet tout de même de longues heures d'angoisse tapi dans l'ombre...
PlayStation 2The Review Busters
Manhunt is one of those games you need to try once, if you are the proper age to play it. The violence level in this game is extreme, there are times in the game where I thought Rockstar might have went a little too far. If you are a fan of stealth games then Manhunt is definitely a challenge, but it isn’t perfect. There are some minor camera and control issues, something that should have been looked into before releasing the game. It isn’t as bad as most games but it does cause problems, the camera mainly, when you are trying to save your ass. I think if you are sick in the head then you should either Ebay this game or find it at your local used game shop; the low price tag on it now shouldn’t break anyone’s bank account.
XboxGame Revolution
The voice in your ear says ‘Kill, kill’ but the sad sack at your feet begs for mercy. Do you leave him be? Do you kick him where it counts? Or do you bash his brains in? In Rockstar North’s Manhunt, now out for Xbox and PC, you’ll be faced with this situation many times, and so discover the plethora of gruesome options available to a sick mind playing a sick videogame.
WindowsGame Revolution
Overall, Manhunt is a dark, difficult, bloody stealth game that puts fell weapons in the player's hands, and almost taunts them into action. "Go nuts," the game says, "they all deserve it, anyway." That might be true, but keep in mind you don't have to be the sicko the game wants you to be. It's just more fun that way.
XboxExtreme Gamer
Manhunt is a creepy, violent, stealth based title which tries its best to make the player feel paranoid and afraid. Its mature theme isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy this type of thing you will be in a paradise of fallen victims.
PlayStation 2Eurogamer.net (UK)
Although it's hard not to be shocked by some of the most gratuitous violence yet depicted in the medium, the truth is we're more interested in how Rockstar's latest stacks up as a videogame and whether it can carry on its hot streak of creative brilliance than whether Manhunt signals the end of the world as we know it.
Jeu d'infiltration hyper violent, Manhnunt souffre de sérieuses lacunes pour faire face à son modèle côté gameplay. Placé à côté du bébé de Io Interactive, la différence est flagrante et relègue Manhunt au rang de jeu moyen, à faire faute de mieux. Il reste une ambiance malsaine pas assez mise en valeur par le scénario. Rockstar se serait-il trop concentré sur l'aspect polémique au détriment du reste ? Allez savoir, moi en tout cas, je m'en retourne me promerner avec Code 47.
PlayStation 2Jeuxvideo.com
Jeu d'infiltration hyper violent, Manhnunt souffre de sérieuses lacunes pour faire face à son modèle côté gameplay. Placé à côté du bébé de Io Interactive, la différence est flagrante et relègue Manhunt au rang de jeu moyen, à faire faute de mieux. Il reste une ambiance malsaine pas assez mise en valeur par le scénario. Rockstar se serait-il trop concentré sur l'aspect polémique au détriment du reste ? Allez savoir, moi en tout cas, je m'en retourne me promerner avec Code 47.
Jeu d'ambiance fortement teinté de scandale, Manhunt se montre sous des atours décevants à la vue de ce à quoi l'on pouvait s'attendre. Relativement vide et ne développant que peu d'idées novatrices, seule son ambiance très particulière parvient à attirer le regard. Fort heureusement, même si son gameplay n'est pas à proprement parlant intéressant, il demeure tout de même que le plaisir pris à se faufiler en silence et à se dissimuler des assauts incessants des ennemis reste présent et participe à notre immersion au sein de cet étrange ballet de sang et de cris. Il ne faut cependant pas oublier l'aspect foncièrement gratuit de Manhunt qui lui porte cruellement préjudice. A essayer avant d'acheter.
XboxDiehard GameFan
Manhunt is a well made game, I can’t argue that. The graphics and sound create a brutal atmosphere, and it’s backed up with solid controls and stealth oriented gameplay. The thing that is missing the most in this game to me can be summed up in one word: Fun. At no point did I really have fun with the game and never while playing the game felt like it was designed to be fun. It was designed to be dark, violent and push the gore envelope in video games, and if that’s what gets you off then I’m sure you’ll find the game to be fun to play.
If you’ve got a lot of patience and feel like playing a creepy game, then Manhunt will probably be your thing. When looking more for a stealth game a la Hitman or Splinter Cell, don’t bother. Manhunt doesn’t really convince and doesn’t rise above average.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Manhunt далека и от позёрской Dead to Rights, и от удалой GTA 3. Rockstar North шокирует нас огромной дозой насилия, но ни разу не показывает заведомо невозможные вещи вроде фабрики по переработке людей в консервы. Manhunt не кичится жестокостью. Запустив игру, вы легко примете ее за модификацию безобидной теперь GTA 3. Пребывать в этой иллюзии можно долго, пока на экране не появится главный герой, бьющий кого-то молотком по голове. Мозги в разные стороны не летят, кровь не хлещет, вы лишь слышите глухой звук удара железа о кость и видите, как оседает жертва. И уже от такой сценки душа уходит в пятки, а ведь это одна из самых безобидных экзекуций. Зрелище явно не для беременных женщин и детей.
XboxEurogamer.net (UK)
For all the emotional hand-wringing over Manhunt's gratuitous violence and total absence of morals, it's actually quite a simple game - and not one with a great deal of longevity either.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme
It's unfortunate that Manhunt becomes such a redundant game so quickly. The game employs a few very good concepts, but they are off-set by the game's mediocrity and pointless gore. And it's also a shame that Rockstar North's efforts are being tied down to such mindless content. Had Manhunt remained further in development, Rockstar North could've added a plethora of extra options and variety that would make playing this game rewarding and fun. Alas, any fun the game offers is gone after the first hour. If you want a game that is everything that Manhunt isn't, you should definitely check out The Mark of Kri and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, but you'll definitely find that The Mark of Kri shares more similarities with Manhunt, than Tenchu does.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Despite Manhunts overall failure as a compelling “survival-horror adventure” (as it’s advertised on the box), the game is occasionally redeemed by excellent incidental voiceovers from your enemies and, in particular, from Starkweather, whose lust for blood is genuinely disturbing. Like other Rockstar games, Manhunt speaks volumes about the current state of gaming (and pop) culture. The problem is, will the audience be too desensitized to dig that deep?
Dans leur optique de vouloir choquer, les concepteurs du jeu ont peut être oublié l’essentiel, à savoir la maniabilité et l’immersion d’un titre. Pari raté pour Rockstar qui nous livre donc Manhuntun jeu d’infiltration correct mais rapidement lassant, n’ayant bizarrement pas d’âme.
XboxXbox Nation (XBN)
Despite the boldness of the exterior, Manhunt is just another stealth game at its core. Worse, it's a stealth game that dramatically overstays its welcome.
In mijn ogen is dit spel dus gebuisd, maar technisch doet het niks echt verkeerd en daarom geef ik nog een voldoende. Mensen die echt enorme fans zijn van Rockstar kunnen zich hier misschien een tijdje mee amuseren, maar al bij al is Manhunt een teleurstellende poging om zoveel mogelijk geweld in één spel te stoppen. Geen aanrader.
XboxYahoo! Games
Manhunt, released late last year for the PlayStation 2, attracted controversy for its mature themes. Starring a convicted serial killer, it features shockingly violent execution-style murders, voice-overs and mission instructions from a snuff film producer, and more bad language than you can shake a stick at. Sadly, even on new platforms, Manhunt offers little beyond shock value, thanks to its repetitive and shallow gameplay.
Un gameplay simpliste et répétitif, un graphisme sans saveur, un scénario provocateur mais sans grand talent, Manhunt n'est pas un jeu qu'on attendait, loin s'en faut. Restent des animations potables et une ambiance malsaine réussie, ce qui n'est pas un exploit en soi vu le sujet choisi.
WindowsJoystick (French)
Je voulais comparer le facteur d'amusement de Manhunt à celui d'un CAP de boucher-charcutier, mais ça serait diffamant pour cette belle profession. On aborde chaque arme avec curiosité, mais le reste du gameplay n'a qu'un intérêt très limité, malgré la réalisation honnête du jeu.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden)
Tyvärr är Manhunt roligare i teorin än i praktiken. Att kväva gängmedlemmar med plastpåsar och karva sönder dem med glassplitter låter både nyskapande och kontroversiellt, men i sitt sammanhang känns avrättnngarna bara som ett avlägset eko från den period då Mortal Kombat sålde bättre än Virtua Fighter tack vare digitaliserad hjärnsubstans. Precis som när Mortal Kombat slogs mot ett bättre spel med övervåld som främsta vapen, försöker Rockstar maskera att Manhunt är avsevärt mycket sämre än Metal Gear Solid och Splinter Cell med hjälp av en ganska stilig och våldsam yta.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden)
Fråga dig själv, är du ute efter ett spel med bra handling, snygg grafik, intressant ljudbild och skön spelkontroll? Då är inte Manhunt spelet för dig. Är du däremot ute efter ett medelmåttigt spel vars enda unika egenskap är extremvåld, kan jag bara säga: Grattis! Du har hittat rätt.