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21st Century Entertainment Ltd.


21st Century Entertainment Ltd. was founded in 1991 by a team with a wealth of experience dating back to the very inception of the electronic games industry. The company launched itself with vengeance onto the worldwide software market with the immediate and massive success of Pinball Dreams followed by Pinball Fantasies. Both products rocketed to the top of the charts selling in excess of 650,000 units between them.

This total has been boosted still further through several successful third party bundling licenses with companies such as Word Perfect, Commodore, Instant Access, Creative Labs, Silica Distribution, Amiga Technologies and Philips Media.

The North American market is supported by the US arm of the group 21st Century Entertainment Inc. The company established itself with the release of the popular Pinball Arcade followed closely by the multi-award winning Pinball Fantasies.

The Group is also home to Spidersoft Ltd., a development company with a reputation as one of the most talented teams in the game arena. Spidersoft boasts a client list including Sony Imagesoft, Core Design, THQ, Psygnosis, Tecmagik, Gametek and Western Technologies. Spidersoft has produced games on a variety of formats including PC, PC CD-ROM, Amiga, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Gear, Jaguar & projects for the Playstation.

As of 2000 all 21st Century Entertainment Group of Companies have closed.


Pinball Madness 4(2002)
SlamTilt Resurrection(1999)
iF-22 / Pinball Builder: A Construction Kit for Windows(1998)
Absolute Pinball(1996)
It's a Funny Old Game(1996)
Rebels, The(1996)
Total Pinball 3D(1996)
Pinball Builder: A Construction Kit for Windows(1996)
Pinball Gold Pack(1996)
Slam Tilt(1996)
Pinball Fantasies Deluxe(1996)
Pinball World(1995)
Pinball 2000(1995)
Pinball Mania(1995)
Perfect Pinball(1995)
Pinball Illusions(1995)
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure(1994)
Special Edition Pinball Dreams Pinball Fantasies(1994)
Pinball Arcade(1994)
Pinball Dreams II(1994)
Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies(1993)
Pinball Fantasies(1992)
Deliverance: Stormlord II(1992)
Pinball Dreams(1992)
Nebulus 2: Pogo a gogo(1991)


Location and contact information in July 1996:

21st Century Entertainment Ltd.
Westbrook St, Blewbury
Oxfordshire, OX11 9QB, England
Tel: +44-(0)235-851852

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