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The Avalon Hill Game Company


The Avalon Hill Game Company once claimed to be "the world's largest publisher of a great variety of strategy board games of skill." They produced numerous strategy and role-playing games of many types. In the early to mid-1980s, Avalon Hill formed their Microcomputer Games division, which produced primarily strategy games for multiple computer platforms. Hasbro bought Avalon Hill in 1998. It is now an imprint of Hasbro Interactive's Microprose division.


Achtung Spitfire(1997)
History of the World(1997)
Over the Reich(1996)
Wooden Ships & Iron Men(1996)
Third Reich(1996)
D-Day: America Invades(1995)
Flight Commander 2: Mission Builder(1995)
Advanced Civilization(1995)
World at War: Volume II - Stalingrad(1995)
1830: Railroads & Robber Barons(1995)
Flight Commander 2(1994)
5th Fleet(1994)
Operation Crusader(1994)
Computer Diplomacy(1992)
Third Reich(1992)
Leisure Genius Presents Computer Diplomacy(1990)
Legends of the Lost Realm(1989)
Legends of the Lost Realm II: Wilderlands(1989)
Police Blotter(1988)
Super Sunday: 1987 Season(1987)
Pure-Stat College Basketball(1987)
Mac Pro Football(1986)
Mission on Thunderhead(1986)
Super Sunday: Champions Disk(1986)
Under Fire!: Campaign Game Extended Capability Disk II(1986)
Spitfire '40(1986)
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex(1986)
Super Sunday(1986)
Black Thunder(1985)
Super Bowl Sunday(1985)
By Fire & Sword(1985)
ABC Caterpillar(1985)
Class Struggle(1985)
Darkhorn: Realm of the Warlords(1985)
Under Fire!(1985)
Under Fire!: Extended Capability Disk I(1985)
Gulf Strike(1984)
Free Trader(1984)
Under Southern Skies(1984)
Out of Control(1984)

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