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The Codemasters Software Company Limited


Codemasters develops and publishes video games for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft consoles and PCs. Codemasters also develops and publishes multi-player and persistent world games for on-line Internet and interactive play.

Established in 1986, Codemasters has a wealth of experience in the creation and publishing of computer/video games. Consistent success is reflected in the more than 1,000 weeks Codemasters' games have spent at Number One in the UK charts and the more than 60 #1 hits across Europe. Voted 'Publisher of the Year' in 1998 by Edge Magazine, Europe's leading gaming consumer journal, Codemasters continues to grow into the global marketplace.

The company currently employs over 380 personnel, with offices in the USA, France, Germany, Spain and Holland. Headquarters are located in a beautiful rural location in Central England on a 140 acre site. The purpose-built office complex will ultimately accommodate 600 staff.

Development studios:The main company also has its own development division. It is sometimes referred to as Codemasters Southam or Codemasters Warwickshire.

In April 2012 the company announced to cease development on all non-racing titles, focusing on sequels to the F1, GRiD and DiRT franchises.

Also Known As

  • Codemasters -- Commonly used name
  • Codemasters Software Co. Ltd. -- Alternate company name
  • CodeMasters Co. Ltd. -- Alternate name


DiRT Rally 2.0: Škoda Fabia Rally(2019)
DiRT Rally 2.0: Citroën C4 Rally(2019)
DiRT Rally 2.0: Deluxe Edition(2019)
DiRT Rally 2.0(2019)
DiRT Rally 2.0: Deluxe Content(2019)
F1 2018(2018)
F1 2018 (Headline Edition)(2018)
F1 2017(2017)
F1 2017 (Special Edition)(2017)
Micro Machines: World Series(2017)
DiRT 4(2017)
DiRT: Rally VR(2017)
F1 2016(2016)
F1 2016: Career Booster DLC Pack(2016)
F1 2016 (Limited Edition)(2016)
F1 2016(2016)
DiRT: Rally (Legend Edition)(2016)
F1 Game Franchise Bundle(2016)
F1 2016: Steam Controller Bundle(2016)
DiRT: Rally(2015)
Overlord: Fellowship of Evil(2015)
F1 2015(2015)
Toybox Turbos(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Demoman Derby Pack(2014)
F1 2014(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Drag Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Season Pass(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Touring Legends Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Road & Track Car Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Sprint Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Coupé Style Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Premium Garage Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Best of British Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Boost Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - High Res Texture Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport - Black Edition Pack(2014)
GRID: Autosport(2014)
F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition(2014)
GRID 2: Classic GRID Pack(2013)
GRID 2: Bathurst Track Pack(2013)
GRID 2: Spa-Francorchamps Track Pack(2013)
F1 2013: F1 Classics - 1990s Pack(2013)
F1 2013: F1 Classics - Classic Tracks Pack(2013)
F1 2013(2013)
F1 2013 (Classic Edition)(2013)
F1 Race Stars(2013)
GRID 2: Demolition Derby Pack(2013)
GRID 2: Drift Pack(2013)
GRID 2: Peak Performance Pack(2013)
Colin McRae Rally(2013)

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Location in 2000:

Codemasters Software Company Ltd.
PO Box 6
Leamington Spa
CV47 2SH

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