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Indie Built, Inc.


The company was founded in 1983 by Bruce Carver (President) and Chris Jones (CFO) as Access Software Inc. Their company grew quickly with the success of such early titles as Beachhead and their first golf game, World Class Leaderboard. In 1989, Access Software began their best-known contributions to computer gaming, with the release of Mean Streets. Although the game was initially intended to be only a flight simulator, its developers added a framing story featuring a futuristic detective named Tex Murphy.

A sequel to Mean Streets (minus the flight simulator) was released in 1991, and Martian Memorandum went on to win the Software Publishers Association (SPA) Adventure Game of the Year award. Three years later, Under a Killing Moon became one of the first major CD-ROM games and was named Adventure Game of the Year by numerous magazines and organizations, including the SPA. A fourth Tex Murphy game, The Pandora Directive, earned yet another Adventure Game of the Year award in 1996. The final (to date) chapter of the Tex Murphy series was 1997's Overseer, and was one of the first games ever designed specifically for DVD.

Access Software was most widely identified with the Links series, which teed off in 1990 with the release of Links: The Challenge of Golf. This groundbreaking, wildly popular product revolutionized computer golf games, spawned a series of brilliant iterations, and is still going strong today. Access and Microsoft first linked up in 1992 with the release of Microsoft Golf, based on the original version of Links. Later collaborations included Links for Windows, which utilized the Links 386 game engine. In 1999, Access was acquired by Microsoft and became known as Indie. Indie participated in the launch of Xbox in Holiday 2001 with the Amped snowboarding title.

In October 2004 Indie Built, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Take Two Interactive Software (TTWO) as part of the 2K Games brand, focusing on sports titles for the next generation of gaming consoles and the PC platform. Currently, Indie is a part of the 2K Sports label, together with Kush Games and Visual Concepts Entertainment, Inc..

In April, 2006, Take-Two shut down Indie Built, Inc. Many members of the studio joined the newly formed Big Finish Games and its sister studio TruGolf, which occupy the same building.

Also Known As

  • Access Software, Inc. (from 1983 to Apr 19, 1998)


Top Spin 2(2006)
Top Spin 2(2006)
Top Spin 2(2006)
Amped 3(2005)
Amped 2(2003)
Top Spin(2003)
Inside Pitch 2003(2003)
Links 2004(2003)
Links 2003(2002)
Links LS Classic(2002)
Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding(2001)
Links 2001(2001)
Links: Championship Edition(2001)
Links LS 2000(1999)
Links Extreme(1999)
Links LS: Add-On Course - Phoenix Country Club of Miyazaki, Japan(1999)
Links LS 1999(1998)
Tex Murphy: Overseer(1998)
Links LS: Championship Course - Congressional Country Club(1998)
Links LS: Championship Course & Tour Player - Sea Island and Davis Love III(1998)
Links LS: Championship Course - Valderrama(1997)
Links LS: Championship Course - Oakland Hills Country Club(1997)
Links LS: 1998 Edition(1997)
Microsoft Golf 3.0(1996)
Links: 5-Course Library - Volume 1(1996)
Pandora Directive, The(1996)
Links LS: Championship Course - Pelican Hill Golf Club(1996)
Links LS: Championship Course - Valhalla Golf Club(1996)
Links LS: Legends in Sports - 1997 Edition(1996)
Links LS: Legends in Sports '97 (Limited Edition)(1996)
Links 386 CD(1995)
Links: Fantasy Course - Devils Island(1995)
Links: Championship Course - Cog Hill Golf & Country Club(1995)
Links Championship Courses II(1995)
Links: Championship Course - Prairie Dunes Country Club(1995)
Links: Championship Course - Riviera Country Club(1995)
Microsoft Golf 2.0(1995)
Under a Killing Moon(1994)
Links: Championship Course - Bighorn(1994)
Links: Championship Course - Castle Pines Golf Club(1994)
Links: Championship Course - Pebble Beach(1993)
Microsoft Golf: Multimedia Edition(1993)
Leader Board: Collectors Series(1993)
Links: Championship Course - Banff Springs(1993)
Links: Championship Course: Innisbrook - Copperhead(1993)
Links 386 Pro(1992)
Links: Championship Course - Troon North(1992)
Amazon: Guardians of Eden(1992)
Links: Championship Course - Mauna Kea(1992)
Microsoft Golf(1992)

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Access Software was purchased by Microsoft as a direct result of the shift from DOS to Windows gaming. Prior to 1997, Access had been producing two golf simulators: Links – The Challenge of Golf and Microsoft Golf for Windows. When it was clear that future games would actually need to run from within Windows, Access was forced to terminate the agreement with Microsoft and focus on bringing out Links for Windows while Microsoft moved MS Golf for Windows to a new codebase. This move proved to be detrimental to both franchises. Shortly after, Microsoft acquired Access and ended the MS Golf franchise, making Links the de facto golf simulator for Windows.

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