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After making Descent II, Parallax Software, which had offices in Champaign, IL and Ann Arbor, MI decided to split into two different companies, Outrage Entertainment and Volition Inc.. Both companies shared technologies, message boards and even had a common online matchmaking service, called PXO (www.pxo.net)

Outrage Entertainment was created in December 1997. Located in Ann Arbor, its staff was composed by the employees who worked for Parallax in the Ann Arbor offices and the company was lead by Matt Toschlog. The studio released its first game, Descent 3 in 1999.

On 4th April 2002 the company was acquired by THQ and renamed Outrage Games. The studio was closed during the fiscal year that ended March 31st, 2004.

Also Known As

  • Outrage Entertainment, Inc. (from Dec, 1997 to Apr 04, 2002)


Alter Echo(2003)
Red Faction II(2003)


The company website was http://www.outrage.com

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