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Stormfront Studios


Don Daglow founded Stormfront Studios in 1988 after he left Brøderbund Software, Inc.. They are known for such titles as the Tony La Russa's Baseball games, the Eagle Eye Mysteries games, the EA Sports NASCAR series among others.

On 31st March 2008, the employees were told the company was closing down, due to adverse business conditions.

Also Known As

  • Beyond Software, Inc. (from 1988 to 1993)


Spiderwick Chronicles, The(2008)
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone(2004)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The(2002)
Blood Wake(2001)
Legend of Alon D'ar, The(2001)
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor(2001)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001(2000)
NASCAR: Revolution SE(1999)
NASCAR 2000(1999)
Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing(1999)
NASCAR: Revolution(1999)
NASCAR 99(1998)
NASCAR 98 (Collector's Edition)(1997)
NASCAR 98(1997)
Madden NFL 98(1997)
Byzantine: The Betrayal(1997)
Tony La Russa Baseball 4(1997)
Andretti Racing(1996)
Madden NFL Football: Limited Edition(1996)
Madden NFL 97(1996)
Old Time Baseball(1995)
Tony La Russa Baseball 3(1995)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger(1995)
Mario Andretti Racing(1994)
La Russa Baseball 95(1994)
ESPN Baseball Tonight(1994)
Tony La Russa Baseball II(1993)
Eagle Eye Mysteries in London(1993)
Eagle Eye Mysteries(1993)
Tony La Russa Baseball(1993)
Treasures of the Savage Frontier(1992)
Neverwinter Nights(1991)
Gateway to the Savage Frontier(1991)
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball(1991)
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball: Ultimate Expansion Disk - Great Teams 1901-1968 Disk(1991)


Address in 2003:

Stormfront Studios
4040 Civic Center, Third Floor
San Rafael, CA 94903

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