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Simon Carless (1835) on 7/27/2016 3:59 AM · Permalink · Report

While we haven't been making a big deal out of it, the wondrous Tracy Poff has been making a whole bunch of small fixes and edits to MobyGames code - mentioned in our changelog, and we wanted to highlight a couple of them.

First, we've instituted selective auto-approval (on a user-by-user basis only!) on some of our smaller contribution areas. These include data like game sites, company logos, game ad blurbs, developer portraits, and Critic Scores.

This much-needed change (which includes auditing so we can check the auto-approved items) means we can catch up on the queues that were months behind, & concentrate on helping new users & approving more complex items - while still keeping quality high. [If you would like to be considered for auto-approval of any of these categories, please PM me or Tracy.]

Secondly, we've further enhanced the new 'promo images' section so that you can click through on any of the images to get an 'original uploaded quality' image. For example, for SoulCalibur for Dreamcast, grabbed from a 1999-era CD-ROM by Virgil, you can see its official logo in good high resolution - but click again and you'll access the original image from the CD-ROM.

This further cements MobyGames as one of the key image sources for video games on the Internet (& heavily cited by Google Images!) We have the most watermark-free game covers, user screenshots, and we're now building a large, correctly cited official & promo image archive. We believe that these features - plus our game credits and our overall database - are the key vital parts of Moby. We're going to keep focusing on & building them.

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Daniel Saner (3503) on 9/5/2016 2:11 PM · Permalink · Report

That is awesome :)

Still will repeat my quiet hope that some day we'll get click-through to original versions in the covers section, too, maybe restricted to logged-in users…

But great work all around, this will make browsing game pages that much more interesting!

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Simon Carless (1835) on 9/5/2016 3:13 PM · Permalink · Report

Yeah, this just came up somewhere else. We're worried about bandwidth effect, sure, but it would certainly be the 'fair' thing to do - we'll discuss it again!

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Adrinalina Adrinalina on 10/11/2016 7:57 AM · edited · Permalink · Report