Pool of Radiance series

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The landmark SSI "Gold Box" Advanced Dungeons and Dragons series, often considered the Tyranthraxus series on account of a recurring antagonist, these games took place in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Characters could be imported from earlier games, growing in skill as the series progressed. Several (but not all) of the games had cross-promotional role-playing module and novel tie-ins, boosting sales all around.

Included in the group for thematic purposes is UbiSoft's revisitation to the Pool of Radiance series locales of Phlan and Myth Drannor 13 years after it first hit the gaming scene -- a sequel to the original game in setting but not in plot or gameplay.

Selected Covers

Curse of the Azure Bonds DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Curse of the Azure Bonds
Pool of Radiance DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Pool of Radiance

Selected Screenshots

Install screen (GOG version)
Screenshot from Curse of the Azure Bonds
Title screen
Screenshot from Pool of Radiance
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