RoboCop Versus the Terminator

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SNES credits (1993)

46 people (29 professional roles, 17 thanks) with 48 credits.

Interplay Productions (Team Rivet)

Executive Producer Brian Fargo
Producer Alan Pavlish
Lead Programmer Michael W. Stragey
Programming Matthew Findley, Doug Nonast
Design Jason M. Ferris
Additional Design Alan Pavlish, Michael W. Stragey
Art Director Todd J. Camasta
Artwork Jason Magness, Eddie Rainwater, Cheryl Austin, Scott Mathews, Charles H. H. Weidman III, Arlene Caberto Somers
Director of Q.A. Kerry Garrison
Assistant Director of Q.A. Rodney N. Relosa
Lead Tester Raphael Goodman
Testers Floyd Grubb, Dean Schulte, Christoper A. Tremmel
Sound Driver by Sculptured Software
Sound and Music Sam Powell, Anthony Shields

Virgin Games

Executive Producer Neil Young
Producer Scott J. Duckett
Q.A. Michael McCaa, Bijan Shaheer, Paul Moore, Erik Harshman, David Fries
Special Thanks To Elvis, Negativland, Big Gulps, Chopin, Barney, Mom, Bill Paxton
Sincere Thanks to Hope Stragey, Karen Stragey, Dawn, Darin, M.R.E., Gabrielle Angilly, Sherri Swanke, Cathy, Lisa Ferris, The Vision
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