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Bravo Team if a modern-day first-person shooter made for PlayStation VR. While the game is tailored specifically to support PlayStation VR Aim Controller, the game can also be played with console's DualShock 4 default gamepad. The story takes place in a fictional Eastern European city and starts with the player(s) escorting the president of the country to a safe location. While en route, the convoy has been attacked and the president kidnapped. Only two survivors remaining, the player, and an AI-controlled or a second human player. Getting up and checking the ammo clip, the two of them quickly utilize cover-based tactic to fend off the terrorist attack.

The basic gameplay consists of moving from cover to cover, switching the direction the player is facing, and shooting with a firearm. Using VR helmet the player can peek around the corner and look around, while the rifle is emulated by the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. Bringing the controller closer to the player's eye will bring out the scope of both regular and sniper rifles, while holding it in front or sideways will simulate more of a blind fire that can work even while in cover. Looking around will highlight possible covers the player can move to and clicking the cover button will switch to 3rd-person perspective cut-scene showing player character moving to new cover. The player can be hit while changing covers though cannot return fire while running to new cover.

Enemy soldiers attack in waves and use different tactics, from trying to outflank the player to using covers for their own protection. The waves do have limited amount of soldiers so after a while, the number of soldiers will reduce, but as you advance forward, more enemy soldiers will appear. When entering new areas, the enemy soldiers will patrol around and can be taken out stealthily from behind, but once spotted, the alarm will go on and more enemy reinforcements will come. The ammo isn't infinite and number of bullets is integrated in the rifle. Many ammo crates are scattered around and coming to them will automatically make the player character refill the ammo. Enemy weapons cannot be picked up, but on later levels weapon crates can also be found which let the player switch weapons. At any point in the game, the player will carry one sidearm (some pistols also have a silencer) and one rifle.

Injured players automatically heal while still in the cover, but even downed players can be revived by a team member before the time runs out and death resets the last checkpoint. Player characters can be selected among a couple of different facials and both genders, but wear masks all the time so not much except the eyes is visible. The game spans 5 missions in total, each with many checkpoints, and each mission can be replayed from the main menu. The missions vary from battle on the bridge, urban warfare during both day and night, running on the rooftops, and clearing the buildings. Basic commands can be given to an AI partner, but when ignored it'll follow the linear path and go alongside the player.


  • ブラボーチーム - Japanese spelling

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Executive Producer
Game Director
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Technical Director
Art Director
Audio Director
Environment Art
Character Art
President Toma
Friendly Forces
Mordean Soldiers
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  • Supermassive Games
Programming Team
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