Bravo Team

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PlayStation 4 credits (2018)

689 people (655 professional roles, 34 thanks) with 705 credits.

For Supermassive Games

Executive Producer
Game Director
Senior Producer
Technical Director
Art Director
Audio Director

Development Leads

Environment Art
Character Art

Voice Cast

President Toma
Friendly Forces
Mordean Soldiers

Supermassive Games

Story by
  • Supermassive Games
Programming Team
Additional Programming
Animation Team
Character Team
Concept Art & Storyboards
Technical Art Team
User Interface Design
Lighting and Visual Effects Team
Environment Team
Material Artist
Design Team
Sound Design Team
Cinematics Production
Additional Production Support
QA Management
Executive Support
IT Support
Additional Thanks
Motion Capture Performers

For Centroid

Motion Capture Producer
Motion Capture Studio Manager
Motion Capture Post Manager
Motion Capture Production Coordinator
Senior Motion Capture TD
Motion Capture Supervisor
Motion Capture Post Supervisor
Motion Capture Technicians
Motion Capture Production Assistants
Motion Capture Tracking Manager
Motion Capture Trackers

For 3Lateral

Principal R&D Engineer
Project Coordinators
Production Assistant
Supervisor Character Riggers
Character Riggers
Lead Programmer
Lead Character Artist
Supervisor Character Artists
Character Artists
Lead Scan Technician
Supervisor Scan Technicians
Scan Technicians
Supervisor Technical Modellers
Technical Modellers
Lead System Engineer
System Engineer
IT Technician
HR Manager
Studio Manager
Studio Assistant

For Cubic Motion

Production Director
Lead Developer
Lead Animator
Senior Animators
Lead Motion Tracker
Motion Trackers

Other Credits

Legal Services, Sheridans
Game Tax Accountants, Saffery Champness
External Partners
  • ADIA
  • Atomhawk
  • Glass Egg
  • Bravo Team uses Coherent UI user interface technology
Realism by
  • IKinema
  • Unreal Engine
Powered by
  • Wwise 2006-2017 Audiokinetic Inc.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Worldwide Studios, XDev Studio Europe

Associate Producer
Senior Producer
Assistant Producer
Vice President of XDev Studio Europe
Director of Product Development, XDev Studio Europe
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Studios Europe
President, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios
Chairman, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios
Online Producer, XDev Studio Europe
Senior Development Manager, XDev Studio Europe
Co-ordinators, XDev Studio Europe

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ European Sales & Marketing

President, SIEE, and President, Global Sales & Marketing SIE
Chief Operating Officer
VP, Product Marketing
Director of Software Marketing
Senior Product Manager
Junior Product Manager
Director of Communications
Group PR Manager
PR Manager
New Release Manager
New Release Coordinator
Director, Creative Studio
Copywriting Group Manager
Editorial & Content Senior Producer
Production Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Creative Services Group

CSG Director
Graphic Design
Product Delivery Team
Video & Motion Graphics

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ WWS Online Technology Group

Manager, Online Engineering

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Legal & Business Affairs

General Counsel & VP, Legal and Business Affairs
Director of Intellectual Property & Technology
Director, Legal & Business Affairs
Legal & Business Affairs Executive
Senior Legal & Business Affairs Manager
Legal & Business Affairs Manager
Legal & Business Affairs Assistants
Trade Mark & Anti Piracy Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Worldwide Studios Europe Research Team

Lead User Researcher
User Researchers
User Research Manager
Principal User Research Support Analyst
Project & Facilities Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ WWS QA-Europe

Director, Engineering Services, WWS QA-E
Senior Department Administrator
Department Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Engineering Services

Certification Manager
Manager, Tools & Test Engineering
Lead Engineer, Tools & Test Engineering
Associate Tools Engineer, Tools & Test Engineering
Coordinator, Tools & Test Engineering
Release Engineer, Release Engineering
Principal Release Engineering Operative, Release Engineering
Release Engineering Operative, Release Engineering
Associate Manager, Release Management
Release Manager, Release Management
Associate Content & Rating Manager, Content & Ratings
TRC Test Lead, Compliance
TRC Tester, Compliance

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Business Services

Associate Business Systems Analyst, Business Systems
Manager, Resource Services
Principal Supplier Coordinator, Resource Services
Supplier Coordinator, Resource Services
Asset Coordinator, Resource Services
Manager, Tools Support
Application Support Analyst, Tools Support
Application Administrator, Tools Support
Service Coordinator, Tools Support
Associate Translator, Translation Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Test Services

Senior Manager, Test Services
Test Manager, Test Services
Functional Test Leads, Test Services
Functional Tester, Test Services
Functional Testers (Embedded), Test Services
Functional Testers (Contract), Test Services
Test Coordinator, Test Services
Localisation Test Lead, Test Services
Localisation Test Specialist, Test Services
Localisation Testers, Test Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Global Format Quality Assurance

Director, European GFQA
Global TRC Manager
Communications Manager, GFQA
External Services Manager
SWQA Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Localisation Services

Senior Director of International Software Development & Localisation Services
Head of International Software Development & Localisation Services
Project Manager
Principal Programmer
Senior Programmer

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Product Development IT Europe

Director, PDIT Europe
Department Assistant / PA to Director of PDIT Europe

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Management Team

Senior Manager, EU IT Engineering
Senior Manager, IT Analytics & Services Liverpool
Procurement Manager
IT Manager Liverpool

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Core Technology Group

Project Manager
SharePoint Developer
InfoSec Engineer
Network Architect
Lead Engineer South East
Engineering Specialists

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Procurement

Procurement Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Liverpool

Support Analysts
Apprentice Support Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ London

Infrastructure Analysts
Support Analyst
Junior Support Analyst
Apprentice Support Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Information Security

Director, Information Security and Enterprise Architecture
Manager, Information Security
Staff Information Security Engineer
Sr. Penetration Tester
Sr. InfoSec Engineers
InfoSec Administrator
Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Enterprise Architecture

Sr. Enterprise Architects

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe ┬╗ SIEE Family & Friends

SIEE Family & Friends

Sony Interactive Entertainment America ┬╗ Worldwide Studios America

President, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Worldwide Studios
Senior Vice President

Sony Interactive Entertainment America ┬╗ International Software Development & Special Operations

Senior Director
Project Manager
Executive Producer

Sony Interactive Entertainment America ┬╗ Business Finance & Operations


Global Technology ┬╗ WWS Game Analytics

Technical Lead
Big Data Engineers
Data Warehouse Engineers
DevOps Engineers
Game Data Analyst

Global Technology ┬╗ Advanced Technology Group

Advanced Technology Group

Global Technology ┬╗ Global Platform

Vice President

Global Technology ┬╗ WWS Quality Assurance

Senior Director

Global Technology ┬╗ Test Services


Global Technology ┬╗ Ongoing Content Team

Lead Quality Assurance Testers
Contingent Game Test Analysts

Global Technology ┬╗ Network Test Services

Lead Network Test Engineer
Network Test Engineers
Network Test Analyst

Global Technology ┬╗ Release Management

Associate Manager
Associate Release Manager

Global Technology ┬╗ Content & Ratings

Associate Manager

Global Technology ┬╗ Compliance Services

Test Lead, TRC Test Services
TRC Testers, TRC Test Services

Global Technology ┬╗ Release Engineering & Media

Senior Release Engineers
Release Engineer
Release Engineering Operatives

Global Technology ┬╗ Business Services


Global Technology ┬╗ Translation Services

Associate Translators
Assistant Translator

Global Technology ┬╗ Tools Support

Senior Application Administrator
Application Support Analysts
Service Coordinator

Global Technology ┬╗ WWS Global Information Technology

Senior Director
Director, Information Technology
Director, Engineering & Ops
Senior Enterprise Architect
Information Security Engineer

Global Technology ┬╗ Information Technology

Senior Manager
Staff Hosting Engineer
Systems Administrators
Staff Application Integration Engineers
Application Integration Engineer
Senior Staff Technical Project Manager

Global Technology ┬╗ SIEA Brand Marketing

Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing
Executive Assistant

Global Technology ┬╗ First Party Games

Vice President, Marketing Exclusive Games & World Wide Studios IP Expansion
Marketing Department Assistant
Senior Manager
Brand Manager

Global Technology ┬╗ Platform Marketing

Vice President, Marketing
Executive Assistant
Director, Brand Marketing
Director, Product Marketing
Senior Manager, Business Models and Forecasting Analysis
Manager, Brand Marketing
Senior Product Manager, Peripherals
Product Manager, Peripherals
Marketing Specialists, Peripherals
Associate Manager, Product Marketing

Global Technology ┬╗ Public Relations, Marketing Partnerships & Activation

Vice President
Director, Product Public Relations
Senior Department Assistant, Public Relations
Senior Manager, Public Relations

Global Technology ┬╗ Social Media

Senior Manager
Senior Specialists

Global Technology ┬╗ Creative | Design | Events | Video

Vice President

Global Technology ┬╗ Events

Event Coordinators

Global Technology ┬╗ Creative | Design

Senior Director
Senior Manager, Hardware / Brand
Senior Project Manager, Hardware / Brand
Software Packaging Manager
Retail Manager
Senior Project Managers

Global Technology ┬╗ Video Production Department

Executive Producer & Senior Director
Senior Manager
Video Services

Global Technology ┬╗ Digital Communications

Director, CRM and Web
CRM Manager
Email Marketing Specialist
Loyalty Marketing Manager

Global Technology ┬╗

Manager of Editorial and Content
QA Lead
Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Web Content & UX
Web Design Lead

Global Technology ┬╗ Latin America

Senior Director & General Manager
Department Assistant
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing
Product Marketing Associate
Brand Marketing Associate
Senior PR & Social Media Specialist

Global Technology ┬╗ Legal and Business Affairs

Chief Legal Officer
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
Senior Corporate Counsel
Senior Manager, Paralegal
Senior Paralegal

Global Technology ┬╗ Special Thanks

Special Thanks
  • Each individual at Sony Interactive Entertainment America for their contributions; support and dedication to the success of Bravo Team
With special recognition to the Executive Management team including

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio

Associate Producer
Localization by
Director of Localization

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio ┬╗ Creative Product Service Department

Senior Director of Creative Product Service
Production Support

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio ┬╗ CPS Video

Director of Video

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio ┬╗ CPS Design


Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio ┬╗ Design Director

Logo Designers

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio ┬╗ Worldwide Studios: Quality Assurance - Japan

QA Director
QA Managers
Associate QA Manager
Associate QA Engineers
Online Support
Release Management

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio ┬╗ Voice Casts

Recording Production
Recording Coordination
Dubbing Director
Recording Studio
Recording Engineer

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia

Strategy Planning Department
Marketing Communication Department
PlayStation Store
PlayStation Plus
Special Thanks

Sony Interactive Entertainment JAPAN ASIA (Asia) ┬╗ Marketing Department

Vice President
Marketing Team

Sony Interactive Entertainment JAPAN ASIA (Asia) ┬╗ Traditional Chinese

Assistant Producer

Sony Interactive Entertainment JAPAN ASIA (Asia) ┬╗ Korean

Assistant Producers

Sony Interactive Entertainment JAPAN ASIA (Asia) ┬╗ First Party Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Assistant Manager
Testing Supervisors
QA Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment JAPAN ASIA (Asia) ┬╗ Special Thanks

Special Thanks
  • asiafont
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