The Hobbit

aka: Bilbo Le Hobbit, Der Hobbit, El Hobbit, Hobbit Wstęp do Władcy Pierścieni, Lo Hobbit, O Hobbit
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Third-person platformer adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's famous book. Players control Bilbo as he's taken from his safe little hole in the Shire by a band of Dwarves to confront the dragon Smaug while picking up a glowing sword, an invisibility ring, and coins and crystals.


  • Хоббит - Russian spelling
  • ההוביט - Hebrew spelling
  • 哈比特人 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 63% (based on 42 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings with 5 reviews)

Playing fast and loose with story + rushed game = ZZZZZ

The Good
Well, the controls are pretty simple, as this is your standard adventure, jumping etc. game. There certainly is some nice treasure hunting (which will add health points and allow you to buy items). The voice acting is pretty good and the running length is decent.

The Bad
Well, the graphics are annoyingly cartoony. It's really a shame the graphics weren't more like the Lord of the Rings games. The battles lack the kind of epic scale that was in the books (would you call an army of goblins 30?) and the enemy AI borders on pathetic sometimes. Stand in a particular spot that is slightly elevated above the other terrain and the screaming hordes (ok, maybe 2 or 3 guys usually) will either run around or just walk away and ignore you. Some of the stealth is terrible also. Enemies that don't get alerted when you hit them in the head with a rock? All the added material that the game puts in the levels is pretty annoying. Remember when in the goblin caves, Bilbo had to get these gears to activate these lifts so he could get the wart stone to bribe the goblin guard so he would let him through? No, I sure don't. Too much of the game feels like a chore. Go across great chasm to get crystal door knob, go back to activate the golden doo-hickey, then you can travel to search for the platinum whats-it. Then you activate the purple lift blah blah blah. Oh, and most of the enemies look like something you'd get out of a McDonalds Happy Meal.

The Bottom Line
This game is unfortunately another casualty of game developers rushing a game in time for an event be it Christmas, or the opening of a movie. If you're a big Tolkien fan, then renting this game should be sufficient.

GameCube · by James Kirk (150) · 2004

Hobbit Raider

The Good
First off, the Hobbit has been my favorite book since childhood, so this game was a no-brainer for me. Happily, the game is a good game on its' own merit.

The game plays much like a fantasy version of Tomb Raider or Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver as Bilbo Baggins helps thirteen dwarves to reach their former home by pushing blocks and climbing vines.

He can pick locked chests (he's being sold as a burglar after all) and collect 'courage points' (those are gemstones to you and me) by slaying bad guys.

The Hobbit is fairly linear and the designers have remained faithful to the book, but they also remembered that game play makes or breaks a game. While the meat and potatoes of Mr. Baggins quest are present, there's plenty of extra side quests to keep you busy. Sure they take a little license with the story from time to time, but never too badly. Some things happen out of order (Bilbo names his sword Sting as soon as he gets it and he doesn't meet Beorn until the Battle Of The Five Armies), but at least they're all there.

The graphics are beautiful. Not state of the art, but very artistic, with detailed environments and intricate design on the characters. Running around a fully 3D Shire at the beginning of the game is a childhood dream come true. That's also about the point you realize that the designers haven't totally screwed-up a story you've cherished forever.

Voices were very well done. Thankfully, everyone in the game has a British accent. No American actors trying out accents here! The music is also good and appropriate to what's happening around you.

The controls are very smooth. Bilbo generally has no problem hopping around, climbing ropes, pushing boxes and fighting with his sword/walking stick/stones.

Special mention should also go to the Fizz Factor who did an outstanding job on the PC port. The Hobbit runs smoothly on my mid-level PC with all the details maxed out.

The Bad
My biggest disappointment is the way the story is told. When you aren't in a playable section, there are a few well done CGI scenes, but much of the story is told through static drawings in a story book. Many of my favorite scenes (the showdown with the goblin king and the riddle game with Gollum) are just sort of glossed over. If you haven't read the book before playing the game, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. More CGI scenes would have solved this I think.

Also, a lot of the depth of the book disappears. This isn't the designers fault. How do you describe the inner feelings of a character in a video game? Still, Bilbo's hardly out of the Shire before he's knee deep in man-eating (hobbit-eating?) plants and hungry wolves. These are gripes about the conversion of book to game and not necessarily about the game itself.

My other problems have to do with it being a console port. Instead of saving where you want, you are cursed with save points. Confusticate and bebother save points!

I do wish everybody who creates third-person games would be forced to sit down and play Rune to see how to get camera movement done right. Even all these years later, the Hobbit had an occasional (very occasional, I'll admit) problem with the camera zooming way in or way out. Why are console third person games so far behind their PC brothers on this?

Also, there's no option for full time mouse look. To look up or down, you have to hold down Caps Lock while moving the mouse.

The Bottom Line
Overall the Hobbit is a very well done lite-RPG action/adventure game. Highly recommended.

Windows · by Atomic Punch! (186) · 2003

The story that began it all.

The Good
It was nice to see the characters and places from the book in a videogame, the places are all beautifully made, Hobbiton with all it's lively colors, Smaug's lair with all its majesty, etc. The team artists did an splendid job on what ambientation concerns.

The gameplay it's ok, I liked a lot how well some puzzles were implemented with the action (very easy puzzles if you are used to adventure games, being this my case, but they are ok).

The game has some very interesting bits, I enjoyed a lot traveling around lake-town, the dwarves mountain episode and Smaug's lair.

The music it's also cool, with some medieval and irish influences.

The Bad
Some of the scenes from the book have been reduced just to some cut-scenes with a few pictures sliding and explaining everything, it wouldn't have hurt to have some more videos.

I would also loved to have some more RPG-ish stuff, like levels, abilities and some other things.

Also they took a very few liberties while narrating the story that hardcore fans will notice.

The Bottom Line
If you liked the book, get this game quickly, but if you disliked it I don't think you are going to enjoy this game.

PlayStation 2 · by Depth Lord (934) · 2005

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