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In Armed and Dangerous, the player controls Roman, a thief in the Lionheads gang. The evil King Forge is attempting to unlock the Book of Rule, which will grant him magical powers. Aided by a blind seer and his thieving friends - a robot and a mole - Roman decides to intercept the book and banish the king.

The game is a variation of the run-and-gun third-person shooter. Created by Planet Moon, it has the same humour and similar gameplay elements as Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

The game has several unusual characters and weapons. Included is the shark gun, a device that literally shoots a shark at your enemies. There is a corkscrew device that burrows in to the ground and inverts gravity. You hang on to the device while your enemies fly into the sky and fall hard back to the ground.


  • 武装与危险 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 77% (based on 56 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 41 ratings with 1 reviews)

An action-packed, laugh out loud shooter.

The Good
I've never played Planet Moon's first game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, but I can only imagine it's just as funny as Armed and Dangerous. AnD is sheer comedic genius until the end, and the action is excellent as well.

The first cutscene of the game will immediately get you into the comedic spirit of the game. There are genuinely funny things in that first movie, and as you continue, they only get better. The story is about the Lionhearts, a band of thieves including Roman, a man with a cloth always over his mouth who you control, Q, a British robot with a love of tea, and Jonesy, a mole with a strong Scottish accent. They meet up with Rexus, a blind seer who sometimes has a single glass eye in his head, who the tyrannous King Forge is attempting to kidnap. Forge is attempting to unlock the Book of Rule (upon which a spell has been cast which has made it into the Book of Basket Weaving) which details a prophecy and probably has magical powers or something, you don't need to know, it's just magical. The Lionhearts eventually begin a quest to steal the Book of Rule and use it to oust the king.

And the whole game is really, really funny.

The gameplay is fun as well. You'll mostly be using your machine gun, but you'll occasionally be using sticky bombs, which can stick to walls or enemies and create large explosions, a vindaloo rocket launcher, which can shoot two to four homing missiles at multiple targets, a black hole dispenser, which creates the world's smallest black hole to suck up your enemies, the land shark gun, which creates a shark that swims under the ground and occasionally pops up to eat people, and the Topsy Turvy device, which you stick in the ground and hang onto for dear life as the world turns upside down and your enemies fall into the sky, only to come falling back down again as the world resets itself.

This is all very, very fun.

The Bad
AnD does have problems. The Topsy Turvy device, which is quite possibly the most entertaining weapon in the game, rarely appears. I think I only used it once during the entire game. There are also several missions which require you to rescue peasants and bring them back to their homes as they awkwardly float on their backs behind you. Your compass often never tells you where their homes are, so this can be annoying.

The game is also pretty short. It took me two days to complete, and I would've liked it to last longer.

The Bottom Line
AnD is an excellent game. It may be short, but the amount of time it lasts is golden.

Windows · by Zack Green (1162) · 2003


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found a bug on PC version? Don Meu (1) Oct 6, 2008



Some magazine ads for the game took inspiration from the stickers from the game Hostages and had a large set of stickers which looked like bullet holes.


The game contains several references to Planet Moon's previous game Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Among them are the "Majorcan Prophecy" (in Giants the Meccs tried to get to planet Majorca) and the "Dick Whittington Memorial Prison" (in Giants the player had to bust a guy out of the Dick Whittington prison).

Additional information contributed by Cigam.


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