Pathfinder: Kingmaker

aka: Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Explorer Edition), Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Edition, Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Edition (Explorer Edition), Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition
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Windows credits (2018)

388 people (373 professional roles, 15 thanks) with 418 credits.

Owlcat Games: Leads

Art Director
Creative Director
QA Director
Technical Director
Executive Producer
Lead Area Designer
Audio Team
Core Design Team
Narrative Design Team
Narrative Designer
Technical Art
UI Design Team

Owlcat Games: Head of Studio

Head of Studio

Owlcat Games: Art Team

Art Director
3D Artist
Technical Artist
FX Artist

Owlcat Games: Area Design Team

Lead Area Designer
Area Designers

Owlcat Games: Core Design Team

Game Designer
Area Designers

Owlcat Games: Narrative Design Team

Lead Narrative Designer
Narrative Designers

Owlcat Games: Audio Team

Audio Lead
Audio Director
Sound Designer

Owlcat Games: UI Design Team

UI Designers

Owlcat Games: QA Team

QA Director

Owlcat Games: Tech Team

Technical Director
Graphic Software Engineer
Software Engineers

Owlcat Games: Manage & Support Team

PMA & Account Manager
Localization Manager
Community Manager

Outsource: Artists

UI Artists
3D Artists
2D Artists
Technical Animators
FX Artists
Technical Artists

Outsource: Audio

Creature Sound Design
Crowd Sounds
Creature Voices
VFX Sound Design
Audio Engineer

Outsource: Designers

Level Designers
Narrative Designers
UI Designers
Game Designers

Outsource: Infrastructure

Software Engineers
Technical Lead

Outsource: Music

Music Composers
Author of the Main Theme

Outsource: QA

Build Manager

Outsource: Backers

Out heartfelt thanks to all the backers, who helped us with their feedback!

Outsource: Teams & Companies

  • ArtVostok Studio
German Localization
  • Boeck-text
Casting and Voice Production
  • Breslin Studios
Chinese Localization
French Localization
  • Loc3
  • The setting glossary contains information compiled and summarized by the volunteer editors of
Official Goblin Song created by
  • the award winning app Syrinscape specifically for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Outsource: Grafit Art

Art Director
  • Katerina
2D Artists

Outsource: Sanctum

3D Artists

Outsource: 3Beep

Supervising Director

Outsource: Text Support

Technical Editor

Outsource: Cast (English)

Defaced Sister
Ioseph Sellemius
Jamandi Aldori
Jhod Kavken
Kesten Garess
King Irovetti
Lantern King
Natala Surtova
Stag Lord
Baron (Aggressive)
Baron (Brave)
Baron (Confident)
Baron (Madman)
Baron (Pious)
Baron (Pragmatic)
Baron (Reserved)
Baroness (Reserved)
Baroness (Aggressive)
Baroness (Brave)
Baroness (Confident)
Baroness (Madman)
Baroness (Pious)
Baroness (Pragmatic)
Arcane Magic Chants (Female Version)
Arcane Magic Chants (Male Version)
Divine Magic Chants (Female Version)
Divine Magic Chants (Male Version)

Outsource: People Involved

Game Designer
3D Artist
Narrative Designer


Pathfinder IP
  • Paizo
CEO of Paizo Publishing, and COO of Goblinworks
Marketing Manager
Social Media Gutu
CCO ad Publiher
Licensing Manager
Creative Director
VP of Marketing and Licensing
Franchise Manager
Director of Licensing
Art Director
Editor in Chief
2D Artist and Author of the Key Art

Deep Silver: Production

  • Deep Silver
International Director Production
Product Manager
Senior Product Release Manager
Product Release Manager
QA Project Manager
Head of Localisation
Head of QA
Localisation Project Manager
QA Project Managers

Deep Silver: Business Development

Business Development Director
Senior Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager

Deep Silver: International Marketing

International Marketing Director
Head of International Marketing
International Marketing Manager
Head of Creative Services
Senior Art Director
Art Directors
Video Expert
Video Editor
Head of Sales Planning & Strategy
Head of Digital
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Account Managers
Content Manager

Deep Silver: CSA Marketing

Communications Manager
Jr. International Marketing Manager

Deep Silver: UK Marketing

Head of Global Marketing
UK Marketing Manager
UK Marketing Assistant
UK Senior PR Manager
UK PR Assistant
UK Product Manager
UK Community Manager

Deep Silver: UK Sales

UK Head of Sales and Trade Marketing UK & EIRE
UK Trade Marketing Manager
UK National Account Managers

Deep Silver: International Export

International Sales & New Business Development
Brand Marketing Manager

Deep Silver: North America

Chief Operating Officer
Publishing Compliance Manager
Director of Marketing
Director of PR
Associate Marketing Manager

Deep Silver: Nordic

Managing Director
Nordic Marketing

Deep Silver: Spain

Marketing Director
Spanish Marketing

Deep Silver: Italy

General Manager
Italian Marketing

Deep Silver: France

Managing Director
French Marketing

Deep Silver: Benelux

Managing Director
Benelux Marketing
Sales Manager Games
Key Account Manager Games

Publishing and Support
COO, Mail.Ru Group
Head of Games Division, Group
Head of Publishing, Mail.Ru Group
Head of Innovation Division, Mail.Ru Group
Head of Operation
Head of Business Development

Head of Business Development, Mail.Ru Group
Marketing Director
Heads of Marketing
Head of Video Production Team
Video Designers
Head of Media-buying Team
PR Managers
Video Producer
Brand Manager
Sound Designer Technical Support

Web Designer
Deputy of Web Development Team
Web Developer
Build Manager
Head of Web Development Team
Technical Director Special Thanks to

Head of Web Development Team, Mail.Ru Group
Head of Technical Operations Department, Mail.Ru Group
Head of Allods Team, Mail.Ru Group


  • Microsoft
Audiokinetic Wwise
  • Audiokinetic Inc.
  • Syrinscape Pty Ltd.
Unity 3D
  • Unity Technologies

Outsource: Other Support

Kickstarter Consultant
Marketing Consultant
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