Mine Storm

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An alien force is laying mines through out the intergalactic lanes of travel! You are going to destroy those mines before they can harm innocents.

You will be pitted against the following mines:

Floating Mines: Simple mines that drift through space in the hope of colliding with ships.

Fireball Mines: Not Surprisingly these hurl fire, which can be avoided or dispersed with a shot from your ship

Magnetic Mines: These have a nasty tendency of following ships.

Magnetic-Fireball Mines: These both follow and shoot at you!

The game itself plays much like Classic Asteroids

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Asteroids pretty much says it all.

The Good
It was a real asteroids clone that used the same hardware as the arcade game. But you didn't have to wait in line at the arcade to play it. Simple addictive game play. And since it was the built in game you never had to find the cartridge.

The Bad
The vectrex was a bit pricey when it came out making it an expensive game but once the price dropped all was perfect.

The Bottom Line
You pilot your spaceship around a star field shooting the asteroids and mines that are floating around on the screen.

Shoot the ships for extra points. A slight cheat is to turn the intensity all the way up and you can see where the enemy ships will be coming by the glow from the ship as it is still off screen.

At the time this came out asteroids was the hottest arcade game. The vector scan programming of the vectrex made it exactly like the arcade games of that era. Not blocky raster scan imitations. Literally you had an arcade machine at home.

Vectrex · by gametrader (208) · 2006



This game came programmed onto the Vectrex. If you just started up without any other game in it would play.

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