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Mr. Nutz

aka: Mr Nutz
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Game Boy Specs
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You are the cool squirrel of the title, and you must defeat the evil Yeti before he freezes the entire world. Your quest will make you explore many areas such as a forest, a witch's cottage, a volcano, the clouds, a circus...

Mr. Nutz is a platform game, in which Nutz must jump on enemies to kill them. His tail can also be controlled. You move through levels using ledges, ladders, bridges and platforms. There are some simple puzzles involving object manipulation.


  • ミスターナッツ - Japanese spelling

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17 People (9 developers, 8 thanks)

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  • Ocean



Average score: 78% (based on 39 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 29 ratings with 1 reviews)

Antropomorphic squirrel - like other antropomorphic animals.

The Good
Mr Nutz is nice and pleasant 2D platform game. Hero "Nutz" run, jump and shoot... ekhm... throw nuts in enemies, sometimes avoids various traps (usually spikes), jumps over abysses, and collects a lot of different items, giving points. Standard, but game is good, craft work. Choice of enemies is very interesting - anthropomorphic tomatoes (!), smiling spiky snails, worms, casting odd balls, dancing flowers and other ... nice to look at all of them. One of the advantages of the game is relatively good 2D graphic - nice animations, pretty characters models - and sound but....

The Bad
... music is too calm as a game for children. Overall the game is good, but there are moments of unnecessary slowdown action, except that the game is a little monotonous, the game can get boring. Oh, and "for kids" - game in few moments is too hard for youngest players, and "healing balls" and nuts for throwing is not enough! Mr. Nutz is neuter hero -but for this, look down.

The Bottom Line
Classical platform game with "human" squirrel in baseball hat, who run around the levels and throw nuts - Oh, once we had hedgehog (Sonic), seal (High Seas Havoc) bat (Aero) Monkey (Donkey Kong), or even other squirrel (Zero) and many other animals, squirrel is quite normal in this team.... too normal. Overall, it's decent game - but nothing REALLY special, game is lost in the crowd of other, similar and better games.

If you love platform games, you will take Mr. Nutz. In other case - it's not a bad game, you can try it. 6/10.

SNES · by 666gonzo666 (67838) · 2013



According to Philippe Dessoly, Mr. Nutz was originally to be called "Mr. Nuts" but the spelling was altered at Ocean's request due to the various meanings of "nuts" in English.


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    • Best Platform Game
      • 1993 - Winner


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