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Ultima Collection is a compilation, which features the first eight Ultima games, the two Add-ons for the part 7's and the Ultima predecessor Akalabeth.

All those games are on one CD, which also includes all the manuals both as Word documents and Windows Help files.

The following games are included:

In addition, the Ultima Collection also features a video interview with Richard Garriott about the (at the time of release) upcoming Ultima IX: Ascension and the Ultima Series itself.

There is also an Ultima Atlas included in the box, which features all the navigation maps from the first eight Ultima games, and the box itself offers a special Inside Cover, which shows a time-line of the Ultima games included.

While the games are DOS only, some of the bonus content requires Windows.

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The Ultima Collection

The Good
With this amazing package you get Akalabeth (Richard's first game) and ultima I-VIII. Every PC should have the ultima collection. Im not going to review each game for it will take to long. But for just a recap ultima is one of most popular long running CRPG's in history. The series ran for 2 decades which started out as white lines in zip lock bags to a detailed and simulated world. In the package, it also includes interviews with Richard Garriott explaining each ultima game and a utlima atlas.

The Bad
Their are a couple things that bothered me in this collection. First is that they didn't include Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 or Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. they didn't put any midi music on the old ultima games and ultima VII and VIII won't run on windows. But ultima fans made programs(exult) and patches that makes sound possible and ultima VII and VIII run on windows. Another thing that bothered me is that they had the remake of Ultima I I would prefer the old black and white graphics since I like to play the originals.

The Bottom Line
So if you never played an ultima game before, I suggest you buy this collection and experience the awesome land of Brittania.

DOS · by TheNightWalker (12) · 2004

8 games for the price of one

The Good
The Ultima series is one of the oldest, influential and popular RPG series on the computer, the only series can think of to compare it to is Wizardry. This bundles the first 8 Ultima games together. Going through these games after almost 20 years since it started will excite and dissapoint a player.

Ultima IV despite its age is a true classic. You really should play this game if you are an RPG player. Great story and truly innovative, but don't trust me just read the praise it gets in the Moby reviews. Ultima V is a solid if unexceptional game from the 80s, it doesn't quite have the kick of the previous game. Ultima VI which launched the VGA and soundcard era for the series, while it has an excellent story I find the interface, in particular the small action window to be a bit frustrating, but it is still worth playing. Part VII ironed out the flaws in the interface and became a modern classic, this set is worth getting for this game alone . Ultima VIII which once brought the super computers of its day to their knees is a bit controversal for some fans, a love it or hate it game, because it does not take place in Britannia and of the real time combat. I find its quite a good adventure and a nice change of setting.

The Bad
Ultimas 1-3 and Akalabeth, may have been great in their day but today they are nothing more than monty haul and kill the baddie CRPGs with ancient, practically black and white graphics and poor interfaces. Only diehard Apple II and Commodore 64 fans wanting to re-experience their youths will find them of interest.

This is not the ultimate Ultima collection. It is a shame that they did not include the two excellent Ultima Underworld games and the two often forgotten World of Ultima games. Those four games are much more playable to a modern player than the first 5 Ultimas.

The documentation stinks. The Ultima series is well known for being one the best games for including bonuses with its games, only Infocom was better in my opinion. The orginal games had cloth maps, some had metal coins or other trinkets and the manuals were often made to look like they were bound in leather and covered with runes for that old world look. This game puts all the documentation on the disk. It does come with the Ultima Atlas, which is a stapled booklet of small, black & white reprints of the orginal maps. Its okay to look at and compare the changes in the continents but is too small for practical game play.

Getting some of the games to run on a new computer will be hard for some people. I am fortunate in that I have an old Pentium 100 to play these on and had no problems.

The Bottom Line
So basically you get 2 classics, 3 good ones, and 3 aged throw aways. If you are an RPG fan there is no reason not to invest in the low price to get Ultima IV and VII. Old guard Ultima fans should get this just so they have CD-ROM backup of the old games since floppies go bad with time.

DOS · by woods01 (129) · 2016

Great Way to Experience the Past

The Good
This is a collection of what are possibly the most influential CRPG's ever created. The games are presented in their entirety and unaltered form (Ultima I, however is the 1987 rerelease version for the PC, not the 1980 Apple II version).

Most of them will run straight from a DOS window while in Windows so start-up is a snap; simply load the game from your Start menu. Origin has also built MoSlo into batch files for all but three of the titles and has it pre-configured so they will work on modern systems immediately after installation. They behave well, for the most part. Ultima VI even played its music through my year-1999 sound card!

I did not have the priviledge of playing these great games when they first came out. Finally, I can know what made the Ultima series the legend it is today.

The Bad
Even with MoSlo, some of the older games, namely Ultima II and III, run a little fast (I am using a Pentium III computer). You may need to tweak the speed settings in order to make these games playable. Unfortuntately, the documentation included for MoSlo is quite complicated and may be downright indecipherable to the layman.

I also experienced problems with Ultima VII and VIII which will not run from within windows. These require you to restart your computer in DOS mode and some additional configuration. I have yet to be able to get either of these games to run properly, which is a shame.

The Underworld games are not included in the package.

The Bottom Line
Despite the quirks with some of the games, this collection is pure gold. Whether you are, like me, discovering these classic games for the first time or reliving treasured memories, this is retro-gaming at it's finest. Those who have been spoiled by today's graphics and bells & whistles might be a little dejected, but if you can get past that it is truly a worthwhile experience.

DOS · by Ghost (120) · 2016

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Bonus content

The CD contains a registered copy of Mo'Slo, a program needed to slow down some of the older games.

Cover art

Note that the box cover shown on the back for Ultima II is a mock-up: You will not find that package, as it does not exist. Ultima II was only released by Sierra, and, as Sierra rather than Origin owns the game's cover art, the package designers went with the "Wrong Way" Dennis Loubet cover from California Pacific's re-release of Akalabeth (the precursor to Ultima).

Information also contributed by Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe.

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