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Lords of Thunder

aka: Winds of Thunder

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In the once peaceful land of Mistral, legend holds of a brave knight named Drak who has sealed an evil god named Deoric beneath the six continents of the land. However, peace never lasts. The Garuda Empire has invaded the lands of Mistral, and the six Dark Generals, led by Sornbul, have conquered the continents. Sornbul's ambition is nothing less than to resurrect Deoric and plunge the land into chaos.

Duran, descendant of Drak, is the only one who can stop the Garuda Empire's mad plan, and with the power of Drak's mystic armors, he heads off to stop Sornbul at any cost.

The six continents of Mistral can be challenged in any order, each of which are filled with hordes of demons and one of Sornbul's Dark Generals. After completing all six continents the player will face Sornbul on the final island. Before a level the player can choose from one of four elemental armors, each with its own bullet spread and unique bomb. The armor's attack can be powered up several levels by finding jewels dropped by enemies. This power level, as well as the armor's health, is reduced when hit. Enemies also drop crystals that are used in a between-level shop to buy additional health, bombs, and continues.


  • ウィンズ オブ サンダー - Japanese spelling

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Credits (TurboGrafx CD version)

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Original Plan
Character Design
Game System
  • Red Kaminarimon
Main Program
Sub Program
Graphic Design
Special Thanks
Super Assist
Music Produced by
  • T's Music
Music Composed by
Created by
  • Red Kaminarimon
Presented by
  • Red
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Version differences

The Sega CD version of Lords of Thunder has a slightly remixed soundtrack over the original Turbo Duo version.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • March 1993 (Issue 44) - Game of the Month (TurboGrafx CD version)

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