Dungeon Keeper: The Deeper Dungeons

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Windows credits (1997)

39 people (33 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 50 credits.

Producer Alex Peters
Programming Alex Peters
Artwork Andy Bass
Level Design Lead Barry Parker
Level Design Barry Parker, Andy Robson, Steven Lawrie, Tim Minor, Andrew Trowers, Wayne K. Frost, Jon Rennie, Matt Dixon
Additional Artwork Adam Coglan
Script and Documentation Jon Rennie, Neil Cook
Design Assistant Lead Andy Robson
Team Andy Robson, Steven Lawrie, Andrew Trowers, Wayne K. Frost, Nathan Smethurst, Tristan Paramor, Jeffrey Brutus
Additional Tests Tim Minor, Jon Rennie, Dan Riley
Setup Andy Nuttall
Product Manager Peter Murphy
German Localization Lead Bianca Normann
German Translation Dagmar Geller, Rolf D. Busch
German Voice Recording Studio Fröhling
German Tests Kai Pacyna
German Quality Assurance Markus Weise, Lars Berenbrinker
German Marketing Christian Franke, Udett Schaffrath, Hajo Blingen
Original Game Design Peter Molyneux, Simon Carter, Mark Healey, Dene Carter, Jonty Barnes, Alex Peters
Special Thanks to Simon Carter, Dene Carter, Mark Stacey, Colin Robinson, Steve Fitton, Stan Ragan
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