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The 2004 edition from the Hoyle table series includes 18 table games for one player and some available for "Hot seat" multiplayer mode. The games are listed below in the order they appear on the game's menu:* Maximum Pool: Oddly this game requires two registered players even though the player can play against an AI opponent. Available games are Basic Pocket Billiards, Carom Billiards, Cutthroat, Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Rotation and Snooker. There is a help screen for each game and games are played with a keyboard/mouse combination.

  • Mahjong Tiles: This is a game for one or two people which also includes a level editor. There are sixty two supplied tile layouts, two styles of tile and an optional timer which gan be set at fifteen, thirty, forty-five or sixty seconds. This is the standard tile matching game where the player has to match pairs of like tiles to remove them the objective being to clear the board. Completing a game earns Hoyle Bucks but using the hint feature means that no cash will be earned.
  • Gravity Tiles: This is a standard tile matching/removal game where the screen is filled with random coloured tiles and the player has to click on groups of two or more of the same colour to remove them - the objective being to clear the screen. When groups are removed any tiles above drop down to fill the space and when columns are cleared the remaining tiles slide together.
  • DoubleCross: This is a four player word game with three seats occupied by AI opponents. The players take turns placing letters on the board and the object is to make words. This game differs from other word games, Scrabble being the obvious example, in that players can place letters to make part words such as adding 'ng' to an available 'i' or 'o'. These part words can then be converted to full words but until that happens they remain in an unsafe state, In the four corners of the board are bomb tiles, one for each player's colour and when a player makes a word that uses that tile all unsafe letters for the appropriate player are cleared from the board and their score is reduced accordingly.
  • Word Yacht: This is a Yahtzee-like game played with letters. It is a four player game where the player(s) can play against AI opponents. Each player takes turns to roll ten letter-dice and they must then make up words of three letters or more to score points. Each turn is timed.
  • Wordox: This is four player word game that resembles Scrabble.
  • Backgammon: A standard two person backgammon game played with the mouse. The game is viewed top down and can be played against an AI player
  • Reversi: As with Backgammon this is a standard two person game played with the mouse. The game is viewed top down and can be played against an AI player
  • Chess: This game is also a standard two player game that is played with the mouse and can be played against an AI opponent, however this game uses a pseudo-3D point of view.
  • Dominoes: This is the standard game that starts with a double from which players can play on either side. The two available playing positions are outlined at the end of the chain for players to drag and drop their domino into - doubles are automatically rotated ninety degrees. First to play all their tiles wins, if both players are unable to play the winner is the one holding the least spots.
  • Yacht: This is a four player dice game that has the same rules as Yahtzee but has a slightly different scoring system.
  • Rummy Squares: This is another four player game that looks and feels like a Rummikub variant. It is played with coloured sets of tiles numbered one to thirteen and the player's objective is to rid their hand of all of their tiles by making or adding to melds - three or more tiles of the same number but different colours, or runs - three or more sequential tiles of the same colour
  • Battling Ships: This is a two-player, mouse controlled Battleships game. After placing their fleet in their game area each player attempts to find and destroy their opponent's vessels. It is turn based but players start by each placing six shots onto the board which the game then fires in turn. As vessels are hit the number of shots a player can place in their turn decreases.
  • Master Match: Master Match is a two player Mastermind game. Each player selects a four colour code from the six available colours, duplicate colours are not allowed, and then the players take turns trying to guess what code their opponent has set.
  • Chinese Checkers: This is a standard six-player, mouse controlled game that can be played against five AI opponents.
  • Checkers: Another classic two player, mouse controlled game. This uses a faux-3D point of view and can be played with either black/red counters or frogs.
  • Pachisi: This is a four player, mouse controlled, dice based game which is very similar to Ludo. Each player has four tokens and must take each round the board and into the HOME area, first to get all four home wins.
  • Bump ‘em: This game is similar to Pachisi. The differences being that player movement is controlled by tickets not dice and each player has their own HOME area

Winning a game and completing various objectives earns 'Hoyle Bucks' which can be used in-game to unlock music tracks, environments and other features.
There is also an on-line gaming feature but, when this was tried in 2021, the site is no longer active.

The UK disc release comes with two games Placer Racer and Mahjong Tiles that can be transferred to a Palm PDA or a Windows CE device

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