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Cheril the Goddess is a 2D platformer made for the 2016 NESdev competition starring the developer's recurring character Cheril. In this title Cheril can become a goddess if she manages to obtain the Skull of Podewwwr. To reach it she must open three gates and unlock a magic column.

It shares its name with the 2012 ZX Spectrum title and borrows a core element that Cheril must collect three items and bring them to the correct pedestal based on the Rock, Paper, Scissors principle. She can carry only one item at a time, so if she hunts down the Stone she must takes it to the Scissors shrine to open the first gate. The game consists of a single, large level where the environment consists of 2D horizontally scrolling rooms combined with the flip-screen mechanic for vertical movement. There is a large amount of freedom to explore freely and to complete the tasks in any order. The Select key is used to bring up a level map where all important locations are shown. After unlocking the three gates a key needs to be found as well to get past the magic column. The map is updated based on progress.

The game uses another game mechanic not part of the 2012 title, but previously featured in the prototype Vesta Vaal part of Mojon Twins Gran Sabidur├şa: 31 in 1 Real Games. Cheril has access to a shape-shifting feature that allows her to transform into a flying, invincible creature for a short time. That way platform sections can be navigated quickly. When in regular form Cheril can only jump and has no means to attack. That means she can only avoid enemies (and some will chase her) and there are hazards to avoid as well. Cheril has three charges to briefly turn into the other form and then she needs to locate a pedestal with two hearts engraved to recharge. These charges can also be used to activate teleporters on different parts of the map.

Cheril starts with five lives and every collision with an enemy or a hazard makes her lose a life. Every now and then a heart can be picked up for an extra life. When dead you lose the item you are carrying, but otherwise progress is saved, so if one gate is already open the game picks up from that point.

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