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Warsong is the only title of a series of strategy games, known as Langrisser in Japan, to ever see an official release outside of Japan. It is set in a typical medieval fantasy setting and features traditional turn-based combat. The player controls several generals who can command up to eight different units ranging from ordinary soldiers and archers to more exotic creatures like mermen or lizards .The generals fight alongside their units, but are much more powerful and are able to use more diverse commands than just moving and attacking, like recovering a small amount of HP or casting spells. Each unit has certain strengths and weaknesses; for example, soldiers are good against archers but weak against cavalry. Combat is also influenced heavily by terrain types. When two units engage in combat, a small animation, similar to those seen in Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, is shown.


  • Lungrisser - Japanese title (alternate spelling)
  • ラングリッサー・光輝の末裔 - Japanese spelling

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22 People (15 developers, 7 thanks)

Assistant Producer
Graphic Designer
Character Designer
Music Composer
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Executive Director
Producer (uncredited)


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