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Continuing from the storyline of the previous Driver games, players reprise their role as the undercover cop Tanner, this time infiltrating a worldwide high-performance car theft ring.

Nothing is too dangerous or too risky for Tanner, as he'll hop into any car, truck, or motorcycle, and cruise the streets of three re-created cities (Miami, Nice and Istanbul) with over 156 miles of roads, in more than 25 storyline missions featuring some characters from the previous installments.


  • 车手3 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 56% (based on 45 ratings)


Average score: 2.5 out of 5 (based on 59 ratings with 4 reviews)

The best Grand Theft Auto-ISH game.

The Good
First off as most of you know since the release of Grand Theft Auto: III there have been many games trying to copy the formula (The Getaway, True Crime, Simpsons Hit and run, Mafia) Most of them have been good but by far this is the best take on the formula. First off the graphics are excellent especially in the cutscenes. The voice acting is great because instead of using crappy voice actors from off the streets they actually get some great celebrities to do it. They cities are bigger and more beautiful than in the other Gta-ISH games or Gta itself.

The Bad
Though the graphics are great when seen upclose they seem choppy and unfinished. Although there is a wide selection of cars there are only two types of motorcycles. The "sports bike" type motorcycle has the most annoying sound ever. The controls in the car take lots of time to get used too, and if you hit another car your character actually takes damage. That is realistic but is a big drag. Too many missions are timed. And the first few missions are waaay to hard. If your a newbie to the game dont give up right from the start but be warned the second missions where you have to chase some guy is very, very hard.

The Bottom Line
An excellent game but has many flaws. Its a mixed game so I recommend you rent it before buying it. Despite all this it is still the best Grand Theft Auto-ISH game.

PlayStation 2 · by MegaMegaMan (2257) · 2004

Refractions messed up on this one.........

The Good
The free roaming atmosphere and decent cities. An average selection of cars.

The Bad
The targeting, lack of gore, lack of action, lack of fun, lack of motorbikes, lack of planes or helicopters.

The Bottom Line
Avoid. Try not to look at it. There's a good reason the magazine reviews aren't on the front.

PlayStation 2 · by James Kitson (2) · 2005

Candidate for worst game ever?

The Good
Getting a full refund from the shop a couple of days later was possibly the highlight.

The Bad
Normally I read reviews before buying a game, this time I didn't. I'm not normally suckered into buying games after seeing all the hype- and expensive tv ads.

I wont be making the same mistake again EVER!

This game is atrocious, everything about it is bad, it is the abomination of the driver series - and should of been destroyed during pre-production. The controls are incredibly over sensitive, the slightest steering adjustment and your car will veer wildly across the road - its like ice racing with inflatable tires.Horrific. Getting out of your car and it turns into an even bigger nightmare - forget about trying to aim your weapon. No GTA style lock on's here, you are constantly fighting the crosshairs to get anywhere near your desired target. It doesn't really matter though, the AI is so bad the enemies just stand there shooting at you, (rather badly) so you have plenty of time to line up a shot.

I am still in shock 6 months later that a game could be released in such a unfinished state, and from people with decent track records. Even the pre-rendered intro is dull and full of cliches. The free form driving sections are boring and laughable attempts at non linear gameplay, seemingly thrown in last minute to please GTA fans.

I'm surprised at the current high score on Moby (2.6) it doesn't even deserve 0.6

The Bottom Line
GTA's inbred, half wit wannabe cousin

Xbox · by Ken0x (34) · 2005

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Only a few weeks after selling the Driver franchise to Ubisoft, Nique Fajors, Atari's Sales and Marketing Vice President, mentioned during a press conference that the third game in the series is a half-baked product that was pushed out the door for revenue reasons.


  • As revenge for Rockstar having a joke at the way Tanner is animated in Grand Theft Auto III Reflections Interactive decided to have hidden characters called Timmy Vermicelli after Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which you have to find and kill. To add even more insult Reflections gave the these characters inflatable armbands to take the mickey out of the fact that you drown if you go in the water in Vice City but in Driv3r you can swim. The Timmy Vermicellis even drown if you knock them in the water.
  • The scene in which Carlita calls Gator after the sour deal is taken almost verbatim from a scene in Heat, where Robert De Niro's character calls a businessman who has just screwed him on a deal.

Voice acting

Michael Madsen provides the voice for Tanner, an undercover cop. Madsen also voiced a character in Grand Theft Auto III, in which the main character has to kill an undercover cop named Tanner.

Information also contributed by MegaMegaMan and Sciere


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