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You Don't Know Jack: Volume 3

aka: YDKJ 3, You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2
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A real fun game to play with friends

The Good
This game truly is a top notch product. The presentation of the game is one of it's strongest features. The dancing numbers for each questions, the introductions, how the rules are explained really makes you feel like you are on some wild game show. I like the feeling so much, I don't skip the instructions even though I know how to play all the games. When you skip them the game just doesn't seem as fun. The other strength of this game is its humor. Not just the tons of wise cracks and the hilarious question catagories, but also the sense of fun and surprise the game unleashes at the lesat suspecting moments. One time I had a cataory that was called "what was that" and the question was "what was the anwser to the last question?" Then there was a "Impossible Question" which is normally extremely difficult, in fact impossible that they mad horrendously easy, and all of us just sat there going "is that the answer, not it can't be" till time ran out and we were made fun of (Catagory:It's a Dog! Question:What has 4 legs and barks? Possible answers: a chair, a dog, Merv Griffen, a cat Correct answer a dog). The game is wild and really fun.

The Bad
The guest hosts are really stupid and take a long time. More questions would be nice, there are plenty, but the more the merrier.

The Bottom Line
I have only played this edition of You Don't Know Jack, but if the others are even half as good they get my reccommendation. This is really a game to play with a group or at a party. I have never played by myself and I don't think it would be nearly as good. The best way to think of this game is a mixture of Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, and Comedy Central's Win Ben Stein's Money. The graphics are quite adaquete, and clever. The game is much more auditory the visual though. The host can be a little talkative, but is quite funny. This game will make you and your friends laugh out loud, and is a good way to spend a half hour.augh. It is highly reccommended.

Windows · by Andrew Grasmeder (221) · 2000

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