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Mo Hawk & Headphone Jack


Protean platform hero with attitude (well, with sunglasses) rocks out in this novel but forgotten would-be Sonic-killer, collecting CDs (this is pre-Napster, remember) and avoiding segmented slinkies and nasty robot bugs in disorienting mode 7 mazes with no constant "down".

The boneless wonder (er, and his Walkman) pours himself into cracks, splatters against walls, curls into a defensive porcupine-koosh hybrid, always lands on his feet (by growing feet where his hands were!) and blasts apart into little jelly gibs as a special offensive attack. Gross. And as if a radical surfer-punk made of snot wasn't cool enough to begin with, a power-up gives him a chopper wheel in place of feet. Dude is the hood ornament on his own motorbike!

One or two-player (non-simultaneous).


Credits (SNES version)

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  • Game Genie codes
    Game Genie codes (in French) for Mo Hawk & Headphone Jack -- for unlimited lives, energy and self-explosions. (The most common ROM image floating around contains a Napalm trainer that accounts for all three, but this is for the original consumers and, let's say, posterity.)

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  • MobyGames ID: 14053


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