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Arcade credits (1988)

20 people (17 professional roles, 3 thanks)


Game Design by Yoshiyuki Urushibara
Assistant Game Designer & Main Graphic Designer by Tomoo Adachi (T. Adachi)
Programmed by Ryōji Minagawa (Ryoji)
Sound Effects by Azusa Hara (Azusa Ma)
Graphic Designer by Asami Kaneko (A. Kaneko), Mix Man (Mix Man), Yoshinari Kaiho (Y. Kaiho)
Programmer by Mr. Deco Men (Mr. Deco Men), Kenji Takahashi (K. Takahashi), S. Tamura (S. Tamura), Masaaki Tamura (M. Tamura)
Music Composed by Hiroaki Yoshida (Maro), Hiroyuki (Hiroyuki), Hitomi Komatsu (Hitomi)
Special Thanks by Jun Sato (J. Satou), Takahide Koizumi (T. Koizumi), & etc...
Produce by Data East Corporation, Orion Pictures Corporation [An ORION Pictures Release]
(c) 1987 Orion Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.
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