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Patrolman Alex Murphy was killed on the streets of Detroit. The major corporation there, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) saw an opportunity to sell a new kind of law enforcement officer to the troubled city. They took what was left of Murphy, encased it in titanium armor, wiped his memory and created RoboCop. Now it's up to RoboCop to clean the streets of Detroit and eliminate the one responsible for his murder, Clarence Boddicker. But it looks like Clarence might not be the kingpin of this town...

Based on the 1987 movie of the same name, RoboCop allows the player to control RoboCop. The majority of the game is a side scroller. RoboCop can punch unarmed citizens and shoot armed citizens. He can move left, right and duck but can not jump. Different weapons can be picked up from enemies, and power-ups to restore health and/or energy. Following levels, RoboCop will have to match a criminal's face to the proper mugshot and engage in a first-person shooting bonus round.

Amiga and Atari ST versions are faithful to the original level design of the Arcade game, but they also add first-person rescue hostage scenarios, and a mini-game where the player needs to match the suspects' faces

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Credits (Arcade version)

20 People (17 developers, 3 thanks)

Game Design by
Assistant Game Designer & Main Graphic Designer by
Programmed by
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Music Composed by
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Produce by
  • Data East Corporation
  • Orion Pictures Corporation [An ORION Pictures Release]
(c) 1987
  • Orion Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.



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The two different RoboCop games for DOS

Ocean Software actually produced two different RoboCop games for DOS. One shows EGA graphics, credits Data East and Ocean and is very similar to the coin op. The second one has CGA graphics, gives credit to Astros Productions and Ocean Software and follows the same layout as the 8 bit computers versions.

Atari ST version

The Atari ST version is a direct port from the Amiga. Both these versions retained the level design from the original coin-op.


The Hit Squad release of this game for the Atari ST came with a sealed envelope containing game cheat codes "For emergency use only".


  • ST Format
    • January 1990 (Issue #06) - Included in the list 50 Games of the Year. Category "Real Dogs"

Information also contributed by piltdown_man and mailmanppa

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