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RoboCop 2


RoboCop 2 for the Spectrum offers the same mixture of gameplay styles as Ocean Software's other versions of the game: platforming action, a puzzle mode and a shooting gallery, but with substantial differences in level design and gameplay mechanics.

The bulk of the game consists of the platform sections. In each level, RoboCop must reach a certain goal: destroying the Nuke drug factory, finding and destroying a Nuke cache and finally, defeating the criminal Cain. The levels are many screens high and wide and additionally consist of two sections connected by doors. Enemies regularly appear attempting to destroy Robo. He can dispatch them with his gun, which can be upgraded to either a three-way or a scatter shot via power-ups. These fall from the top of the screen randomly and must be shot to activate them. Besides weapon upgrades, there is baby food for restoring health, clocks for increasing the time limit and a shield that gives temporary invulnerability. Negative power-ups also exist and should be avoided, as they can decrease time or energy. A question mark power-up also exists, which might have any effect, negative or positive.

All platform sections involve puzzle elements. Switches must be found to activate lifts or drain vats and opening certain doors requires completing a sequence of numbers. In the second level (the brewery) care must be taken to avoid drops of beer. If hit, Robo gets drunk and the controls get reversed. The effect wears off after a time and can also be canceled out by a second drop. Only in the first level, some of the enemies must be arrested, not shot. A flashing prompt indicates such a case. Robo must walk into the enemy to arrest him: accidentally shooting him will drain time from the clock.

After every platform level, a puzzle level follows. To regain Robo's lost memories, a cursor must be moved over a circuit board with the goal of hitting all yellow chips while avoiding all red ones. Moving the cursor leaves a trail of burnt circuitry which must not be crossed again. It is possible to re-arrange the board by shifting the current row left or right or the current column up or down. Four boards must be completed successfully within 150 seconds to gain extra lives.

After the puzzle mode, the shooting gallery follows. Targets will appear in the windows of two buildings and all criminals holding guns should be shot while all unarmed civilians should be spared. Good performance in the gallery improves the power of RoboCop's gun for the following platform level.

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