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Robocop places you in the titanium-coated-with-kevlar boots of Alex Murphy, killed in the line of duty and resurrected as the cyborg officer Robocop. The 2003 game features a new plot not featured in any of the films. Crime is up in Neo-Detroit due to the rapid proliferation of a new designer drug "Brain Drain," and the efforts of crime lord William Nexx to control its profitable distribution. Meanwhile, a mayoral race is heating up and getting dirty. And of course, mega-corporation OCP's role in all this is almost certain, but unclear.

Robocop will have to get to the bottom of all of these mysteries through 9 missions. Gameplay is handled as a typical first-person-shooter, with various Robocop enhancements. His HUD is projected on screen and points out available targets. The player can mark up to three targets with a lock-on button, who Robo will then auto-aim at in sequence. Thermal vision can be activated to see through walls in a limited distance. Multiple weapons are also available, from the signature automatic pistol, to missile launchers and energy weapons.

Objectives are given for each mission, from rescuing hostages to finding clues. Clues can be examined after each mission to explore the story (also updated through TV news breaks, in the style of the films). If the player can target and shoot a enemy's pistol, they will surrender and can be arrested. Should the player kill a hostage or surrendered enemy, they will take damage, forcing the player to follow Robocop's ethics and "prime directives."


  • Робокоп - Russian spelling

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Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings with 2 reviews)

"Thank You For Your Cooperation"

The Good
Would you ever put your brain in a robot body? Most people I think would, I mean to have the ability to be superhuman and do what other mortal men cannot, but I could see your reason for not electing to do so. Unfortunately, for Alex Murphy he has no choice in the matter, after being gunned down violently by ruthless gangsters he is rebuilt and made better than he was before under the new alias “Robocop”. He is more powerful than your average man, practically invincible, and is supposed to not have any memory of his past life but, then starts remembering how the people involved brutally murdered him, then vows for revenge finding corruption at the root, that OCP is full of paid off officials and Robocop must save Old Detroit and Delta City. This being the plot synopsis of the first Robocop movie(and the only good one).

Robocop for the Xbox is an FPS where you play as who else Robocop, trying to save Detroit once again this time from a new drug sweeping the city called Brain Drain which is being pushed by all the major gangs and drug lords Robocop must stop this threat meanwhile, discovering a thick web of conspiracy involving, you guessed it OCP, and the local government. Being an plot written exclusively for the game, it serves as being somewhat of a sequel to the film which, as sad as it might be to say this is better than any of the movie sequels.

The Gameplay consists of nine fairly large levels crawling with gangsters, and evil robots, as well as a giant rat(Wait What!). The levels being long is both good and bad because of the lack of checkpoints in the levels.(More on this in the Bad section of the review) In the levels you have a variety of main objectives and some secondary ones like kill all gangsters, and rescue all hostages and so on it is surprisingly deep for a game described as one of the worst games ever by most critics.

The controls in the game allow for a lot of abilities without over complicating the controls like the basic walk, shoot, but no jump button, you can auto target multiple enemies and quickly shoot them like those scenes in the movie, you can even make Robocop spin his gun like in the film.

The Bad
Now, the bad this game does have its fair share of bugs like the enemies having their torso’s uncontrollably spin or shake as if they were possessed, and enemies can sometimes shoot and hit you through walls.

The sound effects are pretty basic, the voice acting is terrible the only good voice is the ED-209 as it sounds almost exactly like the one from the movie. The overall sound effects are a mixed bag Robocop’s gun sounds pretty good, but not the machine gun, the laser gun just sounds plain weird.

Now the no checkpoints thing can cause massive frustration when you get through a long level and get to the very end and get killed because some enemy got a cheap shot, or an environmental hazard kills you, like being crushed or, by being run over by a guy in a crane, the game also tends to put you against tough odds like robots with rockets that can kill you in two shots.

The Bottom Line
When it comes down to it this game is only for people really devoted fans of Robocop, and or people who have a high tolerance for bugs and Gameplay issues, so it is not for your average gamer who is not likely to see past the errors and accept it for the fun it can offer.

Xbox · by Classic Nigel (108) · 2008

Yet another HORRIBLE game from the worst developers ever...

The Good
The shooting is actually pretty fun while it lasts...

The Bad
...for a minute or two, when the satisfaction turns into frustration and the game falls apart at the seams. Honestly, this game is truly awful on all accounts. But the only thing that's more baffling than the sheer awfulness of this movie-licensed dog crap is the fact that this took -- get this -- two years to make. That's right, this was in development for two years. Even then, it turned out to be yet another terribly rushed movie license. Titus Interactive (which, if you don't know, is the French developer infamous for Superman 64, the worst game ever made on any platform) has no excuse for the unfinished state of this game, given not just that they had two years to make it, but due to the fact that most movie-licensed games are released prematurely in order to coincide with a movie's theatrical release. Well, if someone at Titus did not know, the game was already 14 years late when it first started its development cycle in 2001. (RoboCop was released into theatres in 1987.) So, therefore, they had plenty of time to make this game, rather than rushing through it to meet some invisible deadline.

But anyways, aren't we here to talk about the game's defects? Well, there are a lot of problems in this game. I think I should thank Mother Nature for being able to rent videogames before you buy them, because I was lucky enough to rent this trainwreck before buying it, as the publishers are making you pay the full $50 to buy this awful game. Well, I must say, it certainly is not worth it. Robocop starts the game out with his automatic pistol from the movie. However, enemies have guns that are much stronger than yours, even on the very first level. In fact, the most common enemy in the game has a submachine gun. Now just how insane is that? Well, just couple that with the facts that you can't save your game mid-level, the levels are way too long, there are way too many enemies, the enemies take about 10 shots to the head and won't even flinch, you can't pick up an enemy's weapon, you can't crouch, there's very little cover to hide behind, there is an extreme shortage of health and ammo, and the enemies can shoot through walls (although you can't), and I dare you to get past the first level. I won't even mention the awful PSOne-quality graphics and sound.

The Bottom Line
Even the most hardcore RoboCop fan should avoid this game at all costs and go watch any of the three RoboCop movies instead. (Yes, I was one of the few who enjoyed RoboCop 3.) It's just plain garbage.

Xbox · by Spartan_234 (424) · 2006


German version

When playing in the German language setting, blood is completely removed from the game.


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